Immerse yourself further with EmeraldPLUS

Immerse yourself further with our specially-selected EmeraldPLUS experiences that are designed to immerse you in the heart of local life, consisting of once-in-a-lifetime events, guided tours, and in-depth interactions with local communities. Whether you’re sailing the Mediterranean & Adriatic Sea or the Caribbean & Central America, you’ll find an immersive selection of EmeraldPLUS experiences during your cruise.

Experience authentic local life from a different point of view. These extra-special excursions and activities help our guests to uncover rare sights and hidden gems that you might not have otherwise discovered and are certain to be a highlight of your time on board an Emerald Cruises luxury yacht.

Delve deeper into local life, enjoying exclusive concerts in historic buildings, meeting locals, and experience special on board performances.

EmeraldPLUS on the Mediterranean & Adriatic Sea

EmeraldPLUS on the Red Sea & Middle East

EmeraldPLUS on the Caribbean & Central America

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