Life on board our river-going Star-Ships, promises unique innovations, an abundance of space, a restful, restorative emphasis on wellness, all underpinned by the knowledge and expertise of our passionate, dedicated crew. 

Onshore, handpicked included excursions offer authentic and immersive local experiences and come at no extra cost. Conducted in small groups under the guidance of local experts, you'll uncover the heart of each destination you visit.

Tips for planning your river cruise

We ensure a seamless Emerald Cruises experience before you even step foot on board. With honest, professional advice and detailed information available, you can discover the perfect river cruise for you.
1. Expert travel advisors: Discuss your river cruising vision with our expert travel advisors to help narrow down your search.
2. Planning your trip: Sign up to our newsletter for the latest recommendations, follow us on social media to gather ideas, or peruse our collection of blogs for in-depth articles. 
3. Booking process: Once you’ve decided upon your chosen voyage, speak to our helpful cruise experts on 1 604 235 8264 or book online. 
4. Prepare for your trip: We stay in regular contact, providing information, helpful tips, and pre-departure travel updates, allowing you to cruise with confidence. 




Why river cruise with Emerald Cruises?


Discover the passion, dedication, and originality of the Emerald Cruises' approach, and learn more about our world-class fleet of contemporary floating boutique hotels.

The on board experience

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Which river cruise is best for you?


Discover the delights of sun-drenched Douro. Take advantage of Portugal’s glorious sunshine with an excursion along the breathtaking Douro River. Here, you’ll uncover wondrous natural beauty, sample the region’s famous wines, and tour its sun-soaked vineyards.

Culinary connoisseurs

A voyage along the Rhône River brings the best of France’s culinary scene to your doorstep. Cutting a serene path through the French landscape, you’ll stop in the self-proclaimed culinary capital, Lyon. Savour the wines cultivated along the riverbanks and delight in exquisite local flavours.


Culture vultures

Head to Southeast Asia and the vibrant Mekong River for an unforgettable cultural trip. In the near-mythical landscapes of Vietnam and Cambodia, immerse yourself in traditional folk culture, ancient spirituality, plus local customs and traditions. All in the backdrop of biodiverse and ever-changing landscapes.

Some itineraries will send you on a voyage of discovery, while others shine a light on culture, tradition, and history. Discover the sailings that match your tastes.


8 Days

SEASON: 2024

Secrets of the Douro

Explore the charms of Portugal by river

Lyon to Nice

8 Days

SEASON: 2024

Sensations of Lyon & Provence

Discover the magic of France by river

Hanoi to Siem Reap

17 Days

SEASON: 2024/2025

Treasures & Temples of Vietnam & Cambodia - 7 or 9 night cruise

Explore vibrant Vietnam & Cambodia by river


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