Discover the legendary
Rhine & Moselle

Weave through the towns and cities of Germany on a Moselle river cruise that tantalises the sense for discovery. Stop along the luscious vineyards that pepper the riverbanks and amble through historic destinations that have stood the test of time.

Sail through Central Europe

A world of experiences

Enlightening experiences await on your Moselle river cruise. Explore Trier, the ‘Rome of the North’, where ancient architecture stands, and discover a kingdom of castles, a land of viticulture, and postcard-worthy views along the banks of the river.

Uncover the Moselle River

The Moselle River cuts a dramatic course through the heart of Germany, and your luxury cruise will take you on a mesmerizing journey across the country’s splendour, where culture, cuisine, history, and majestic scenery await.

Featured Itineraries 

Seek inspiration from our most popular itineraries to start planning your unforgettable voyage. 
Amsterdam to Zurich

11 Days

SEASON: 2024

Rhine Castles & Moselle Vineyards

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Your journey is underpinned by our expert crew, who guarantee an exceptional river cruise experience.
Emerald Cruises Europe River Cruises 2024 Brochure
Emerald Cruises Europe River Cruises 2024 Brochure

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