Delve deeper and DiscoverMORE

Our yacht cruising DiscoverMORE programme has been expertly created to ensure our guests delve deep into the heart of local life in each destination they visit. Within this programme, you’ll uncover rare gems and new insights that go beyond the ordinary.

With our in-depth programme of DiscoverMORE excursions, you’ll uncover even more of each port you visit, complementing the experiences found in our EmeraldPLUS and EmeraldACTIVE programmes. You’ll have the option to book these events (available at an additional cost) either before you travel or once you’re on board.

Whichever itinerary you choose to sail on, you’ll find complimentary tours and experiences, allowing you to discover each location through guided tours or active experiences. For those guests looking to dig a little deeper, our extra-special collection of DiscoverMORE excursions allow you gain unique insights on the locations you’ll visit and truly immerse you in local life.

We advise you to book before you travel to secure your place on your chosen excursion or confirm your choice with your tour manager on the day of embarkation.

DiscoverMORE on the Mediterranean & Adriatic Sea

DiscoverMORE on the Red Sea & Middle East

DiscoverMORE on the Caribbean & Central America

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