Moselle river cruises

Its intricate path creates one of the most picturesque river valleys in Germany

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The Moselle is a postcard-worthy river that weaves between the likes of Trier and Koblenz, carving out an intricate path along the way that creates one of the most picturesque river valleys in Germany. It is easy to see how this river has enabled people to shape the region that surrounds it over the last two millennia.
Some of the best Rieslings in the world come from the areas surrounding this magnificent waterway, where sun-drenched vineyards all seem to have their own stories to tell as they pepper the countryside. With a myriad of magnificent castles, quaint villages and bustling towns all lining the banks of the Moselle River, it is easy to see how many travellers find themselves getting lost in wonder here.

The Moselle Valley

The Moselle Valley is a beautiful area that spreads across north-eastern France, south-western Germany and eastern Luxembourg. Famed for the personalities of the people who reside there, this region has long been celebrated as one of the best white wine-producing regions in Europe.

Naturally, this means that the tourism industry is thriving in the Moselle Valley, where a rural idyll mixed in with luxurious indulgence stands strong against the serene backdrop, attracting people who have searched for their own piece of relaxation. It is easy to see why this region is renowned for its natural beauty when the sprawling landscape is laid out in front of you. 

The Emerald Cruises Experience

All of the ports of call on our Moselle River itineraries have been handpicked to reflect the beauty that can be found around our Star-Ships. Our expert Journey Planners understand that this waterway is a beautiful one to travel down, as it flows past some of the most awe-inspiring sights in Europe. Come with us on a journey down the Moselle River as we pass castles that have stood tall against the centuries, including the mighty Thurant Castle, which just happens to be the only twin-towered castle to grace the banks of the Moselle.

When we take a look at this river on a map, we can see that it forms a natural border between Luxembourg and Germany. This placement has led to the area surrounding it affectionately being called ‘D’Musel’ by the people who reside there. This really is a region where you can immerse yourself in traditions, where festivities like the cavalcade of Remich are regular occurrences.

Star-Ships on the Moselle

From the comfort of your Emerald Cruises Star-Ship, you will have the opportunity to marvel at world-famous vineyards as we trace the course of the Moselle River, where awe-inspiring sights make it look as though it has been pulled straight out of a storybook. Naturally, all of our stops at fairylike-towns along the riverbanks will only awaken your sense of wanderlust more, where beautiful villages are surrounded by dense woodland and imposing cliffs.