Rivers Of Europe And Southeast Asia

An enchanting network of rivers sweep through culture-rich cities, towns as old as time, and regions of unparalleled beauty..

From source to sea, rivers connect more than just towns and cities. They offer a glimpse into enriching cultures, a chance to explore immersive heritage sites, and see more of the wonders of our beautiful world. 
Choose to travel on one of these great passageways and you’ll encounter iconic sights, stunning landscapes and regional customs rarely seen or experienced by the ordinary traveller. The beauty of a river cruise is that every day brings something new to discover, so you’ll never tire of the journey.

At Emerald Cruises, we offer luxurious passage on nine exceptional rivers. Each of our carefully-crafted itineraries introduces the highlights of the river, so you can immerse in local life and experience our signature brand of deluxe river cruising from Europe to the Far East.

Which river will you choose?
From the Rhine to the Mekong, find your perfect match below.



Passing through the heart of Europe, the Danube is your gateway from west to east, offering seamless passage between beloved capitals and striking continental vistas. Many of Europe’s finest cultural treasures are found on its weaving course, so expect unforgettable discoveries at every stage of your journey.

Marvel at the architectural feats of Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade, and be charmed by the medieval splendour of Bavaria. EmeraldACTIVE excursions help you see more of Austria’s Wachau Valley and the unique heritage of Slovakia, while the spectacular Iron Gates mark a natural border between east and west.

Ten countries, four capitals and countless heritage highlights – a river cruise on the Danube is unlike any other. 


Central and northern Europe are yours to discover on the iconic passage of the Rhine, whose course begins in the Swiss Alps and ends on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands. This beloved waterway cuts a course through six countries and is lined with some of Europe’s most spectacular towns and cities, from Strasbourg, Mannheim and Koblenz, to Cologne and the wonderful, colourful Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Strike out from Switzerland or the Netherlands on the timeless flow of the Rhine, and prepare for extraordinary days of discovery on the river. Hike through the iconic Black Forest, drift through Strasbourg’s medieval heart on a traditional batobus, see the beautiful timber-framed town of Heidelberg, and cycle the elegant streets of Amsterdam. The World Heritage-listed Rhine Gorge will prove a highlight of your journey on this magnificent river.


Spanning the breadth of Germany, the Main showcases the medieval wonders of Bavaria, affording seamless passage between the ancient heritage towns of Miltenberg, Bamberg and Würzburg. This Germanic river has long been an important trade route, and its 237-mile course connects the Rhine to the Danube via the Main-Rhine-Danube canal – one of Europe’s oldest and most vital passageways.

Main river cruises are often combined with a longer journey on the Rhine and Danube, though that’s not to say the river is lacking in cultural highlights. Step into history in Miltenberg and see Wildenberg Castle, or spend time exploring the grounds of the Bishop’s Residenz in Würzburg during an exclusive EmeraldPLUS event.

Capturing the beauty of southern Germany, the Main is a unique river waiting to be discovered


Join us on the Rhône River and fall in love with the provincial charm of southern France. Flowing from north to south from the French Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, the Rhône weaves through the celebrated wine regions of Beaujolais and Burgundy, the culinary capital of Lyon, and onward through the lavender-strewn expanse of Provence. Heritage, local produce and hours of Mediterranean sunshine – the Rhône offers a river cruise experience quite unlike any other.

For great lovers of wine, the Rhône and its banks offer up countless opportunities to sample the local offering. Discover the wine-making customs of Chalon-Sur-Saône in the heart of the Burgundy region, and explore the vineyards of Provence. History lovers, too, will be in their element on this enrapturing river, with Avignon’s exquisite Palais des Papes and Arles’ Romanesque monuments affording memorable cultural immersion.


Snaking through Portugal’s rugged north, the Douro provides spectacular passage from the historic coastal city of Porto to the Spanish border and beyond. This beautiful river is flanked for much of its course by the Douro Valley, easily one of Europe’s most fertile and impressive regions, and a place where you can indulge in one of Portugal’s most beloved exports: port wine.
All of our Douro river cruises begin and end in Porto, a city renowned for its seafaring heritage and exquisite baroque architecture. See the Palácio da Bolsa, visit the historic port wine cellars or take part in an EmeraldACTIVE walking tour of the city. Beyond Porto, the Douro Valley is revealed in Vega de Terrón and Pinhão, while a visit to the Spanish city of Salamanca promises sightseeing to remember.

Southeast Asia


Delve into the colourful and mystical lands of Southeast Asia on the River Mekong, and experience the local customs and cultures of Cambodia and Vietnam on this exotic passageway. From Ho Chi Minh City, the second city of Vietnam, to the jungle lands of Siem Reap, home to the renowned Temples of Angkor – the Mekong is your gateway to the exoticism of the East, and the perfect way to get to grips with local life.

Each of our Mekong river and touring itineraries includes a 7-day cruise on-board the Emerald Harmony Star-Ship, so you can cruise this legendary waterway in the utmost comfort and luxury. Admire the colonial beauty of Ho Chi Minh City, see the vibrant floating markets of Cai Be, and explore the traditional industries of the Mekong Delta region. In Cambodia, Phnom Penh dazzles with its Khmer antiquities, while the Temples of Angkor in Siem Reap provide an enchanting finale to your journey.