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Our fleet of luxury superyachts showcases intimate yacht cruising at its finest. Our superyachts are custom designed to allow access to the fascinating small ports and harbours only small yachts can reach.
A low guest capacity of just 100, and a crew of 68 is enhanced by world-class service and generous inclusions on board, where modern luxury on the ocean invites you to dine, unwind and explore. From the Greek islands, Italy and the French Riviera, to Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Dubai and the Seychelles, travel some of the world’s most celebrated seas and coastlines, docking close to the action, giving you more opportunity to explore independently and off the beaten track.

Our Hand-crafted Itineraries

Our collection of insightful itineraries will take you on a spectacular journey along historic coastlines and crystalline waters as we uncover the best of the Mediterranean, the Adriatic coast, the Red Sea & Middle East, the Black Sea and the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean is the world’s third-largest ocean, stretching 6,200km between Africa and Australia. Warm, vast and crystal-clear, it is a desert island paradise. Explore the Seychelles archipelago, hopping from one fascinating destination to the next, as white sandy beaches, dense rainforest and a plethora of spectacular wildlife reveals each island’s own charming personality.

The Eastern Mediterranean
Where breathtaking views insight awe and rich traditions thrive across tiny island communities. One of humanity’s most important crossroads, and now a route offering such variety of ports, the Eastern Mediterranean is a route paved with historic monuments and paradise-like island groups, where the past is celebrated in the present.

The Western Mediterranean
Abundant with glamour, take in the French Riviera and uncover the stunning western and southern Italian coastlines. Experience the Côte d’Azure and witness Italy’s coastal beauty, as it stretches from Tuscany and the Bay of Naples, to the Amalfi Coast, Sicily and the Apulia region.

The Adriatic Coast
Rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and fishing ports that have been trading for centuries, the Adriatic Sea is surrounded by Italy on the west and Croatia to the east. Cruise the Gulf of Venice, along the Dalmatian coast and island hop in Croatia, as verdant shorelines border crystalline waters, and communities thrive just as they have since antiquity.
The Red Sea & Middle East
Home to some of the warmest and saltiest seawater, the Red Sea’s technicolour coral reef displays draw divers from around the world to view its thriving biodiversity and luxury resorts. Of course, its part in biblical history excites and intrigues intrepid explorers, as does the all-star cast along the shores of the Persian Gulf. Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi commit to preserving their heritage while evolving into world-class destinations.
The Black Sea
A fascinating body of water, its name shrouded in mystery, several major rivers feed into the Black Sea, including the Danube, while a plethora of stunning cities line up along its coast, namely Istanbul and Batumi. Embrace the spirit of countries with vast tales to tell, explore historic battlefields and walk golden beaches, as Eastern and Western culture collide spectacularly.


Unwind in modern surrounds, where more space per guest makes days on the water a true pleasure. Wine and dine at La Cucina Dining, enjoy a peaceful breakfast and lunch al fresco on the La Cucina Terrace and catch up with new-found friends over a drink in the Amici Lounge.

Warm days on the water are best spent sipping a drink on the Sky Deck or appreciating the views from the infinity-style pool. And, on selected days, we’ll host swim stops, encouraging you to take a dip in the crystalline waters. Alternatively, indulge in a relaxing spa treatment or work out in the well-equipped gym, before unwinding in the modern surrounds of your suite or stateroom, each one thoughtfully designed to become your very own sanctuary of serenity. A home-away-from-home to return to after a fascinating day exploring onshore, your en-suite bathroom comes complete with luxurious ESPA toiletries, while a queen or twin hotel-style bed has been dressed in Egyptian cotton linen.

What’s more, our commitment to providing exceptional EmeraldVALUE ensures you can book with confidence knowing all transfers and gratuities are included, as well as excursions, every meal on board and complimentary drinks served with lunch and dinner. It’s all part of the Emerald Cruises philosophy.


Every itinerary is the perfect platform for new experiences, from the French and Italian rivieras to the Seychelles archipelago. Our specially selected EmeraldPLUS program features unique cultural encounters, while EmeraldACTIVE consists of guided bike rides and hikes for alternative perspectives on local life. We also make time for independent exploration, encouraging you to disembark the yacht for unguided city visits, relaxing beach days and evenings out.

Walk the promenades of the Côte d’Azure and taste the limoncello of the Amalfi Coast, island-hop your way around the Greek islands and uncover the history along the Adriatic coast. Dive into the Red Sea, where some of the warmest water is home to technicolour displays of marine life, embrace the spirit of countries with vast tales to tell on the shores of the Black Sea, and experience real-life paradise island living in the Indian Ocean.

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