Epic Yacht Voyages

Check even more destinations off your bucket list when you join us for an epic voyage on board our superyachts

If you are looking to make your return to travel incredible, you're going to love our selection of longer, epic yacht cruise voyages tailored to your destination desires and allow you to hit multiple destinations on your travel bucket list in one seamless journey.

These epic superyacht cruises take you exploring for 15 days or longer on one tailored, handcrafted itinerary designed by our expert journey planners. These voyages are often made longer by combining two or even three cruise itineraries, with included transfers, so you can sit back and just enjoy your EmeraldEXPERIENCE to all the exciting, unique destinations you'll discover.

Sail from Dubrovnik to Athens over 15 unforgettable days, exploring the untouched beauty of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed setting nestled between striking mountains and the blue of the Adriatic Sea, and Cephalonia Island, the largest and arguably the most stunning Ionian Island, on an epic adventure.

Or take a 19-day Mediterranean adventure and embark on an idyllic route along the Ionian and Aegean seas, visiting beautiful destinations in Italy, Greece and Turkey. The stunning Amalfi Coast and Bay of Naples will charm you, while the Greek islands boast a rich history and Istanbul offers a wonderful contrast of cultures.

Book your epic yacht cruise voyage now and enjoy generous savings too with our 2022 inaugural season departures or our newly released 2023 collection.

Your Peace of Mind

Superyacht Cruising Experience

Reaching an impressive 110 meters in length, our spectacular new superyacht will exceed your yacht cruising expectations. And with an intimate 100 guests on board, there's an abundance of space throughout.
Discover a secluded spot to read a book, enjoy unimpeded views of the unspoiled landscapes, take a relaxing dip in the infinity-style pool, or arrange to meet fellow guests at one of our comfortable meeting spots. 

Our Collection of Epic Voyages