What is a Superyacht?

Combining modern luxury with ocean exploration, superyachts offer travellers an innovative way to discover some of the world's most breathtaking coastal destinations. Intimate, spacious and providing an immersive travel experience, superyachts have become a favourite for the modern-day explorer. But what is a superyacht exactly? As we look forward to the inaugural season of our bespoke superyachts, we thought we would share what we consider to be a few of the defining features that makes this class of ship a truly exciting, unique and luxurious experience. 

A boutique experience

While the name itself denotes an increase in size from smaller yacht vessels, superyachts often offer a boutique, or 'small ship', experience. While larger than many private vessels, superyachts still maintain a smaller number of guests on board. This is combined with a service and philosophy based around luxury and comfort. So while the yacht itself may be quite large, spacious common areas, generously sized suites, and a lower number of guests, make a large yacht feel intimate and comfortable.

Modern luxury on the ocean

Characteristic of this type of yacht is an experience akin to what you might find at a 5-star luxury resort or hotel. Not only is a superyacht's construction generally spacious and accommodating, but guests can usually come to expect first class service from a knowledgeable crew, world-class dining and beverage options, and a range of other inclusions which make a trip out to sea truly luxurious. Modern luxury is all about the little things, such as included gratuities and complimentary WiFi, coming together to make the yacht itself part of the adventure.

On board wellness

One way to define a superyacht is as a home away from home. These one-of-a-kind yachts will often have spaces where you can keep up with your usual exercise routines and find your centre after a day's worth of exploring. Innovative amenities such as spa facilities and fitness areas may be akin to a world-class hotel, but they enable you to extend your yacht adventure by accommodating your personal habits and needs. 

Exciting activities

Part of what makes superyachts so attractive is the opportunities for inspiring adventure they provides. In between exploring amazing coastal landmarks and cultural highlights, why not have a bit of fun in the sun? Water activities right off the yacht are an exciting way to experience the ocean and its stunning surrounds. Combining exercise, leisure and unique exploration, catered activities bring you that much closer to the natural world that these yachts have the privilege of accessing. Explore a sunny cove by kayak, or gently stand-up paddleboard your way above a coral reef spotting the local wildlife below. The activity options are truly endless with a yacht experience like this.

Immersive onshore exploration

With the ability to reach destinations larger vessels can't access, superyachts introduce their guests to exploration opportunities and cultural highlights inaccessible to the ordinary traveller. Uncover ancient trade routes, bustling port cities and quaint seaside villages while indulging in an intimate and luxurious yacht experience. 

Being able to sail into the heart of a coastal hideout is truly amazing, but a superyacht's unique design offers an on board experience which makes an exciting onshore excursion that much better. Spacious public decks where you can relax and take in the sea breeze, fitness areas to keep up with your workout routine and luxurious amenities to pamper yourself with all help you recharge after an exciting day of discovery and get ready for tomorrow's port of call.

Embark on your own superyacht adventure

At Emerald Cruises, we're delighted to bring our award-winning reputation and service to the world’s oceans and coastlines with our luxury superyachts. Reaching an impressive 110 metres in length, and with up to just 100 guests on board, you'll discover an abundance of space and amenities to enjoy throughout your voyage.  


Designed to access fascinating ports and harbours only smaller vessels can reach, our superyachts provide you with the opportunity to explore some of the most breathtaking destinations throughout the Mediterranean, Red and Black seas. Whether exploring on your own or with one of our expertly guided and handcrafted EmeraldPLUS excursions, you'll get the most out of each destination we visit.


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