Unrivalled Exploration on board Scenic Eclipse

Step into a world where ultra-luxury meets discovery. Enjoy truly immersive experiences, above, below and beyond the horizon when cruising on board Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yachts™.   
Imagine a Zodiac excursion past towering icebergs in Antarctica as nearby Adélie penguins waddle by. Or, try an exhilarating dip into icy waters in what’s known as a ‘polar plunge’. Picture the warm wind brushing against your salty skin as you kayak past the glamourous beachfronts of the Mediterranean.  A Scenic Eclipse 6-star, ultra-luxury and truly all-inclusive voyage, unlocks a world where unique discoveries await, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are made.   
At the core of all the exhilarating experiences, is a curated group of professionals known as the Scenic Eclipse Discovery Team and consists of experts from their various fields, who can truly enhance your understanding and appreciation of each alluring destination you visit. They also hold the keys, not to mention the knowledge and training, to operate some of the most technically advanced watercraft equipment on board for our guests.  

For the ultimate cruise experience, soar above, below and beyond the horizon on board Scenic Eclipse. Dive below as your expert pilot navigates the custom-built-on board submarine^, submerging up to 200m below the ocean’s surface. Or, alight one of two state-of-the-art Airbus H130-T2 helicopters^ with our expert pilot on a flightseeing experience you’ll remember for a lifetime, taking in mesmerising aerial views of your spectacular destination.  

An Unrivalled Expedition Voyage in Polar Regions  

When cruising in Polar regions, Scenic Eclipse ventures further than any other ship operators, purposefully seeking out unique and lesser-known locations, that are seldom visited or experienced.  
The Discovery Yacht features state-of-the-art technology with an advanced GPS Dynamic Positioning System that holds it in place, negating the need to ever drop anchor on ecologically sensitive seabeds. The Polar 6 Class design and strengthened hull enables the ship to push even further into the Antarctic and Arctic regions. Cutting-edge innovative design ensures a voyage on Scenic Eclipse is smooth even in the roughest of waters.  
Find the explorer within as the Discovery Team guide you on unforgettable experiences. At the start of your polar Expedition Voyage, you’ll meet with the team members in the Discovery Centre, to be fitted out in attire suitable for polar weather conditions, including a complimentary parka which is yours to keep. Depending on your specific activity, you will also receive complimentary use of special polar boots and walking poles for onshore excursions.   
Take your place in one of the eight tandem kayaks that set off twice a day (weather permitting). Also, travel by Zodiac to a remote location where the kayak excursions depart from, led by two certified guides. The Zodiac driver will always stay nearby to offer any assistance, if required.    
Be at one with nature, with the silence only broken by the splashing sound of each stroke of your oar as you surge your way safely past stunning glaciers, rugged peaks and pure white icebergs. You may spot humpback whales at Fournier Bay in Antarctica, leopard seals at Brown Bluff, or even polar bears when cruising in the Arctic region.  
Glide through the pristine waters of protected bays and channels on a stand-up paddleboard, witnessing Gentoo penguins whisking below you, or making eye contact with a Weddell seal lying on a piece of ice as you paddle past. For beginners, the Discovery Team are on hand to teach you the basics before you enter the water and stay beside you until you’ve gained the confident to paddle on your own.  

Effortlessly step from the marina into a Zodiac, thanks to the yacht’s superior stabilisation, for a Scenic Discovery excursion through the water and onto ice beds. Zodiacs are used for transferring you ashore and taking you on ocean-level cruising among icebergs, whales, seals and seabirds. During the expedition experience, you will visit remote and isolated sites only accessible by Zodiac.  

These large, heavy-duty inflatable vessels are very safe and were specially designed for polar expeditions. Their flat-bottom design permits the craft to land directly onto the rocky and ice-strewn beaches that you will encounter on your polar expedition. The excursions enable guests to spend as much time ashore as possible, up to two hours.  

Zodiac rides are suitable for all guests, even those with mobility issues. You’ll be provided with a safety vest to be worn at all times. Your Discovery Guide will drive the Zodiacs while also looking out for wildlife and unique ice formations, and providing detailed interpretations and information based on their years of Polar experiences.  

For an exciting experience, challenge yourself by taking the ‘Polar Plunge’ in Antarctica. The crew will choose an appropriate cove where you can momentarily dive into sub-zero waters for a once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush. You’ll be tied onto a safety harness, for extra protection, and with the encouragement of fellow guests, crew and Discovery Team members, you’ll be invited to submerge into the chilling waters for a few seconds. Despite the obvious freezing temperatures, guests have reported emerging feeling completely reinvigorated and rejuvenated. Warm towels, a hot plunge bath and hopefully some priceless photos and memories to treasure for a lifetime, will be your reward.  

Immersive Discovery & Cruise Voyages

Scenic Eclipse operates Discovery and Cruise Voyages around the world. Regardless of the location, a discovery element is curated into each Scenic Eclipse itinerary. In the warm water regions where the Discovery Yacht cruises, you can explore remote islands, reefs and shallow waters. The Discovery Yacht’s design and length of just 168 metres allows Scenic Eclipse to enter unique ports and villages that are inaccessible for larger cruise vessels.  
The Scenic Eclipse team seek out the most breathtakingly beautiful and hidden locations to show you a unique and undiscovered side of your destination. They will join you on a day of leisure at remote islands, where they will set up water sport activities and a gourmet beach barbecue on the ocean’s shoreline.  

Be led by Master divers on snorkelling discoveries or explore the wilderness with expert back country hiking and mountaineering guides. You can also take to the skies in one of the on board helicopters^ to be transported to a golfing green for a day of putting; or in Europe, fly to a hillside vineyard for an afternoon of wine tasting and local cuisine. Or plunge into the underwater depths in our custom-designed submarine^.  

The Scenic Eclipse Marina forms the hub of all water sports activities during Discovery and Cruise Voyages in warm water locations. Resembling a marina lounge on the inside with guest services, this venue serves as your gateway to accessing the water.  

Choose from a variety of cold, non-alcoholic drinks with clean, dry towels and iced, refresher towels. Relax on the comfortable sofa awaiting your Zodiac shuttle or submarine* exploration.  
In addition to a full program of Zodiac, kayak and stand-up paddleboarding excursions, there is further equipment on board these voyages suitable for use in warmer climates.  

Plunge into the clearest seas for an unforgettable snorkelling experience. Join a Discovery Team member and be guided past abundant marine life in the Sea of Cortez, tiny atols of Gorgona to the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea – teaming with unique hidden jewels and marine life. Guests with previous sailing experience can take out a Tiwal Sail boat. The Zodiac driver will cruise close by ensuring the sailor is within the safety boundaries. Or, simply relax in a floating swimming pool that bobs in the ocean, crafted from inflatable pontoons.  

Onshore, discover the history, culture, architecture and cuisine of your region with expert local guides. Personalise your voyage by selecting from a multitude of Scenic Freechoice activities, tailored to your interests and at a pace that suits you. On Scenic Enrich experiences, you’ll visit ancient ruins, religious sites and world-class galleries and museums, often after-hours away from crowds and with a glass of Champagne in hand. You’ll be placed at the heart of the world’s most refined art, music and architecture, and each experience is created exclusively for you.  

Explore and make use of the Discovery Yacht’s complimentary e-bikes suitable for both novice and professional cyclists, with adjustable modes allows the bike to do all the hard work. Explore old town squares and villages, stopping to take a photo whenever the breath-taking scenery or a friendly local who catches your eye.
This is the most comprehensive included and extensive range of expertise, experiences and equipment available to Scenic Eclipse guests, anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to truly experience the magic of your ultra-luxury voyage, destination and come close to its culture, wildlife, and natural beauty.  

^Helicopters and submarine at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions. Helicopters are unable to operate in South Georgia, Svalbard and Russia, Submarine unable to operate in US waters and Svalbard.