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Travelling Solo on a River Cruise

With a new destination to explore almost every day, knowledgeable tour guides to help you discover regional highlights and an attentive team to cater to your every whim, a river cruise is perfectly suited to solo travelling. Intimate, yet spacious, the Emerald Waterways Star-Ships allow you to get involved with other guests as much, or as little, as you would like. Whether you want a peaceful trip to immerse yourself in the splendours of Europe or wish to meet like-minded people who share your passion for exploring beautiful parts of the world; you’re free to pick your own pace and your own track with Emerald Cruises.

Benefits of Holidaying Solo

Holiday brochures may often depict families and couples having a lovely time on their holiday, but there are more than a few benefits to holidaying alone.

No Compromise – Do you feel like sleeping in late one morning? No problem. Do you fancy another glass of wine with dinner? Go for it. Travelling solo means you’re firmly in control and can follow your desires and tastes every minute of the holiday. No more arguing over whether you get room service or head out for dinner, the choice is entirely yours.

At Emerald Cruises, we aim to give our guests as much choice and freedom as possible, from excursions and cuisine to on-board entertainment and activities. This means you can craft your perfect holiday aboard Europe’s delightful waterways.

Meeting New People – One of the great joys of travelling is meeting new people. Whether they’re like-minded folk in the stateroom across the hall, or friendly locals during an exclusive excursion in their town or city; there’s a world of interesting people to meet. Travelling solo can give you the extra impetus to strike up a conversation with someone you’ve just met. You never know, you might just make a friend for life.

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Stop and Relax – With complete control over your days, you can do as much as you please. Which may be absolutely nothing at all. On an Emerald Cruises river cruise, there is nothing stopping you from just taking to the open-air Sun Deck, ordering a glass of wine, and watching the beautiful panoramas pass you by.

And, there’s unlimited opportunity to lose yourself in a wonderful book during a relaxing day meandering down a stunning river.

A Room to Yourself – Solo river cruising has become so popular, a significant number of Emerald Cruises Star Ships feature wonderfully-appointed single staterooms. Our ships sailing the Rhine, Main, Danube, Moselle, Rhône and Saône all feature single staterooms, providing a peaceful place for a little shut eye after another day exploring the wonderful waterways of Europe.

The first one in the shower every morning? Check. An undisrupted night’s sleep in the middle of a wonderfully soft bed? Check again. Holidaying is a time when you should be allowed to really indulge yourself. And a beautifully-appointed room to yourself is the perfect place for a little indulgence.

Why Emerald Cruises?

Although Emerald Cruises accommodates travelling groups of all sizes, our fleet has been carefully designed to offer the same level of service and comfort to a solo traveller as a travelling party of 10. Here are a few of the ways Emerald Cruises go above and beyond to ensure the happy passage of the solo traveller.

Airport Transfers – All transfers to and from your Emerald Cruises ship are included in the price of your package. You’ll be transported direct to the ship upon arrival in the local airport, meaning you don’t have to arrange your own transport or decipher the local bus timetable.

Return Flights – No need to ring up your local travel agent for flight times, we can help organise your return flights at efficient times and to your closest available airport. Even better, return flights from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh are all included in the price of the cruise.

In addition, all airport taxes (and port charges) are included in the price of the cruise. 

On-Board Meals – Taking the fuss out of picking where to eat every night, all meals on-board the Emerald Cruises fleet are included in the price of the journey. From hearty breakfasts that set you up for a day exploring a new city to expertly-crafted evening meals prepared by skilled, experienced chefs, you’ll have something new and delicious to savour every day of your cruise.

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Complimentary Hot Drinks – Any time you fancy a cup of tea or coffee, the self-service hot drinks stations are open. Fancy something a little different? Our state-of-the-art coffee machines make it easy to whip up your coffee shop favourites.

Regular Excursions – The Emerald Cruises itineraries feature shore excursions almost every day of the voyage, giving you more chance to go and explore the world. Guided tours are hugely popular, taking you straight to the heart of some of the world’s most unforgettable sites, including a vast number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Experienced Crew – Perhaps most reassuring for a solo traveller, the Emerald Cruises crew is made up of exceptionally skilled and experienced professionals. From the concierge team who can look after any request or query to the waiting staff who’ll know just the wine to match your evening meal, we’ve got the expertise to make your on-board experience extra special.

Our on-board crew is complemented by our team of knowledgeable local guides who will help you make the most of every shore excursion.

Tips for the Solo River Cruiser

To help you make the absolute most of your solo holiday, we’ve put together a few simple tips for travelling the rivers of Europe.

Connect to the Wi-Fi – Using a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone or tablet is an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Not only is it wonderful to hear their voice or see their faces during a holiday away, it’s also simple to share envy-inducing photos you’ve snapped on your travels.

Additionally, a Wi-Fi connection could give you access to unlimited books, games and apps if you’ve packed an e-reader or tablet.

Chat to the Crew – The experienced crew of the Emerald Cruises fleet may have explored each destination on your itinerary multiple times, so they often know the best places to explore or pop in for a bite to eat. If you’ve got a few hours in a new city coming up, ask around for trips and ideas.

Befriend the Cruise Director – Your Emerald Cruises cruise director will prove an endless well of interesting and useful information. Should anything exciting be happening on-board, your cruise director will know about it, so you’ll be kept in the loop about specialty dining options, upcoming events and just about anything else of interest. By the end of your river cruise, the cruise director could well be your new best friend.

Pick the Guided Tours – Choosing between guided tours or solo exploration can be difficult. But the tour guides picked by Emerald Cruises are hugely experienced, and can help you make the most of shore excursions.

And Be Ready for New Experiences – One of the great joys of travelling solo on a luxury river cruise is the opportunity to immerse yourself in new experiences. Be prepared for something new and exciting every day, and you’ll be better placed to take all the wonder and intrigue in your stride, creating memories that last a lifetime.

If you are looking to book a solo holiday with Emerald Cruises, head over to our homepage or call our helpful sales team on 855 444 0161.