a person standing in front of a sunset

Travel Tips : Capturing Memories with Skilled Photography

Whilst the ever-improving camera phone gives almost every holidaymaker the chance to undertake a little amateur photography on their travels, there is still a large degree of skill attached to capturing incredible images. 

At Emerald Cruises, we have scoured the world for skilled individuals to share their expertise with everyone who steps aboard one of our vessels on a river cruise. Today we share a few tips from skilled photographer and blogger Abigail King, who runs her own travel site (with plenty of great photography), Inside the Travel Lab.

Make the most of that sunlight

Sunrise and sunset usher in beautiful, forgiving light for photographs and if you’re on a cruise ship, it’s easier than ever to grab your equipment and shoot away. Ask the crew what time that’s likely to be and make the effort to meet the morning at least once. Your photographs will thank you for it.

Switch off the flash

Most auto-flash features leave your images looking flat and lifeless, especially when it comes to food. Search for natural light wherever possible and switch off the flash at least 99% of the time.

Make sure to steady yourself when you take your shot. If you don’t have a tripod, use whatever is at hand: railings, table edges, deckchairs etc. Rest the camera on a stable surface and keep it as still as possible as you take your photo. 

Play with the horizon

Our first temptation is to put the horizon in the middle of the shot, but our eyes actually prefer strong features at different points. Photography’s well-trodden ‘rule of thirds’ suggests placing horizons (or someone’s eyes in a portrait) one third of the way down the image. 

Try that and then break the rules for interest’s sake. Have your horizon just scraping into the shot or at a quirky diagonal slant for a fresh take on a familiar scene. For more tips from Abigail, or to look through her vast portfolio of photography, check out Inside The Travel Lab.

Every single one of the Emerald Cruises river cruises have been carefully planned to provide the most beautiful vistas and unforgettable backdrops. So, whether you’re a keen photographer or wish to try your hand for the first time; head over to our homepage or call our dedicated team on 855 444 0161 for the full range of deals. And don’t forget the Polaroid.