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The World's Great Wine and Cheese Pairings

Wine and cheese — is there a finer combination? Whether you’re partial to a morsel of Sainte-Maure paired perfectly with an aromatic Sancerre or prefer the distinct contrast of Manchego and Old Vine Garnacha; wine and cheese have been married together for thousands of years, providing distinct, diverse and endlessly indulgent flavour combinations for the discerning palate.

The question is, which are the world’s very best cheese and wine pairings, and where exactly can you savour these classic combinations? To find out, we’re taking a tour through the old world and the new to uncover some of the most satisfying cheese pairings on the planet — why not join us, and discover all this deliciousness for yourself. 

wine and cheese pairings

No matter where you travel across the old and new world, you’re sure to discover wonderful cheese and wine pairings which not only provide moments of gastronomic bliss, but showcase the culinary identity and character of the regions from which they came.

Wine and cheese represent the pinnacle in local artisanal produce, affording you an authentic taste for regional flavours and delicacies. Experiencing fine local produce, paired perfectly by experts native to the region, is one of the great highlights of any of life’s wonderful journeys, and is something we heartily advocate here at Emerald Cruises.

From France with its creamy blues and crisp whites to Portugal, whose reds are eternally rich and full-bodied; Germany with its outstanding Rieslings and creamy Bavarian Emmentaler to Austria, whose alpine pastures have proved a prime spot for cheesemaking for thousands of years; our luxury river cruises can transport you across the old world to indulge in culinary delicacies passed down through generations to reach your dinner table — providing epicurean moments to savour.

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