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The river cruiser's guide to Prague

River cruise holidays to Prague are among the most popular itineraries; as the Czech Republic’s lively capital the city is visited by travellers of all ages, nationalities and experience. Here we let you in on a few of the river cruiser’s best kept Prague secrets.


For cuisine

Czech food is a European secret in itself as one of the best things to do in Prague is to sample as much of it as you can during your stay. Here are a few of the city’s best eateries with the most impressive views of the capital.

What location could be better than on an island in the heart of the Vltava River? That is exactly what Restaurant Zofin Garden gives you. Next to its exquisite food, its views are among the best in the city.

“Restaurant Zofin Garden, located on Slavonic Island is a hidden oasis of calm: smack-dab in the city centre, yet shaded by trees and in the shadow of the impressive neo-renaissance Zofin Palace, an architectural jewel built in honour of Archduchess Sophie, mother of Emperor Franz Josef I. with an interesting history of many concerts, weddings feasts and a variety of music and dance events, making it the cultural centre of Prague of the 19th century. Menu offers a fresh, local & international food with BBQ Grill specialities in around covered garden tent (heated in cool weather), beautiful historical gazebo and in-door restaurant. Sunday Brunches with an unlimited sparkling wine, buffet menu and soft drinks are a great time to experience the funniest kid’s entertainment in the city.”

The Kampa Group offers not one, but two incredible cuisine experiences in the capital at their Kampa Park and Hergetova Cihelna restaurants. Each boasts its own great chefs and views, both overlooking the iconic Charles Bridge.

“Alongside its fantastic food, Hergetova Cihelna still has one card up its sleeve: a romantic terrace with a compelling view of Charles Bridge – in fact, one of the best in the whole of Prague. In fine weather, dining on Hergetova Cihelna’s terrace is an unforgettable experience.”

Port62 Restaurant similarly boasts fantastic views of the Vltava whilst delivering a delicious Czech and international cuisine on its boat venue. Enjoy views of the river from the terrace on the upper deck of the ship Josef Bo_ek whilst tucking into a meal from their restaurant, terrace or fast food menu.


For adrenaline

What could be more exciting than a trip to Prague’s most established racecourse? The Velka Chuchle racecourse offers an adrenaline-fuelled day out to be enjoyed by all. Their racing season 2015 is planned from 5 April until 21 June and after summer break from 30 August to 25 October, for further information and updates check their website. Here’s what they had to say about their established course.

“Prague Velka Chuchle is the headquarters of Czech horse racing. The racecourse was established in 1906. Each year, there are 20 racing days with 160 flat races are held. The season at Velka Chuchle runs from the beginning of April until the end of June, and from the end of August until the end of October, with racing on Sunday afternoons. The standard time for the first race is 2 p.m. The highpoint of the season is Czech Derby day, which is held on the third Sunday in June (in the end of spring meeting).” 

Want to get on the move yourself? We Bike Prague offers a great way of seeing the city. While it’s more leisurely sightseeing than adrenaline packed, it makes for a great way to get involved in the Prague experience.

“Along the Vltava river in Prague there is a fantastic bike path system, which you can use for just a few hours of relaxing biking activities to a more completed cycling experience such as a multidays bike tour to Dresden.

The main advantage of a biking trip along the river is that it's an experience open to everyone: the route is generally flat and offers gorgeous views so everyone is invited to try this activity, both experts and beginners!

We offer regular or customized guided or self-guided bike tours from Prague to many destinations, for sure you can find something matching your interest and abilities!”


For history and culture

If you’re a fan of learning about the history and culture of a new city, then Prague has plenty to offer. Before you board one of our European river cruise ships to enjoy the rest of your cruise along the Danube River, why not stop off at one of these great attractions?

The National Museum sits right next to the river Vltava and beautifully describes the city’s interesting history and heritage, re-establishing itself as one of visitors’ best loved Prague attractions.

“The National Museum is the largest museum in the Czech Republic which manages more than 20 million collection items. Its several museum buildings provide access to a number of permanent exhibitions and exhibits which represent an extensive range of material from different branches. Some of the buildings are situated directly near Vltava river but the visitors will find all around Prague also another interesting buildings belonging to the National Museum. All of them you can see on the website of the National Museum Do not hesitate to recognize the local history, ethnology, music and customs!”

Prague Zoo is just as much a part of the city’s history as it is educational to visitors and locals. Having been established in 1881, after Count Sweerts-Sporck published an open letter in the newspapers calling for the establishment of a zoological garden in Prague on the occasion of Crown Prince Rudolf and Princess Stephanie of Belgium’s wedding, the zoo stands as a fantastic educational facility and historical landmark in the vicinity of the river bank.

“Prague Zoo is the second most visited tourist destination in Czech Republic after Prague Castle. In 2014 it was evaluated by travellers' portal TripAdvisor as the 7th best zoo in the world. Its attendance exceeded 1,380,000 visitors and it broke its historic record with 228 animal species being reproduced. It offers to its visitors 12 pavilions, where they can meet individual animal species (for example Indonesian Jungle, African House, Gorilla Pavilion, Large Cats Pavilion, Elephant Valley, Hippo Pavilion).”


For art

Artist Jan Kaláb, otherwise known as One Point, is making his mark on the art world as well as Prague’s galleries. While his e-shop makes it possible to purchase his works online, nothing is better than seeing them in his home city.

“Kaláb’s latest works resonate with the approach of the pioneers of abstraction from the beginning of the last century who introduced both purely geometric space, made of austere, intersecting planes, and the cosmogonist space that exists outside the law of gravity and which they believe to open up interplanetary correlations.”

The Rudolfinum is as much a work of art as the music produced by the Czech Philharmonic inside its walls. The orchestra was founded in 1896 and has been pleasing audience’s ears ever since. Now standing as a significant symbol of Czech culture, watching a performance of theirs at the Rudolfinum stands as one of the best things to do in Prague.

“The Rudolfinum, one of the most noteworthy buildings in Prague, was founded as a multipurpose cultural facility with concert and exhibition halls more than a century ago, on February 7, 1885.  Today, the Rudolfinum is home to the Czech Philharmonic and Rudolfinum Gallery, and offers concerts, exhibitions, and educational programs all housed in this beautiful building.  The rich cultural heritage of the building combined with the excellence of the Czech Philharmonic, one of the world's greatest orchestras, makes this a must-visit destination on any visit to Prague.”

Image Credit: The Rudolfinum and the Czech Philharmonic

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