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The river cruiser's guide to Bucharest

Here we take a look at some of the best things to do in Bucharest and how to make the most of this municipal with the precious time available on a deluxe river cruise holiday.


No matter what the Bucharest weather throws at you, you can still enjoy one of the country’s great talent areas – music. Any free time you might have in Bucharest couldn’t be better used than through listening to stunning examples of Romanian musical talent at the Romanian Athenaeum or watching a dynamic performance at the National Theatre.

Home to the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra the Romanian Athenaeum is an icon of Bucharest and Romania as a whole, not least for its musical history, but also for its exquisite architecture. While predominantly designed by French architect Albert Galleron, it was not created without help from famed Romanian architects Grigore Cerchez, Al.Orascu and Ion Mincu. Also home to the George Enescu Festival that takes place each year, the Athenaeum is frequently visited by travellers as well as local Romanians.

“Let us have the ambition to build a palace of sciences and arts in Bucharest where we can proudly receive the celebrities that visit us or shall be invited in our country. Nothing elates a people’s soul and heart more than contemplating monuments, which crystallise the big national idea.”

     -  Constantin Ezarhu, Ph.D

Further to the Athenaeum, the National Theatre House of Bucharest also offers some incredible melodic talent and performances to watch. The theatre currently puts on around 15 shows and caters for 5,000 spectators weekly, 170,000 people annually, paying testament to its success following its relocation in 1973 after the old building was destroyed by bombing in World War II.

In addition to hosting theatrical performances, the theatre hosts some important cultural events, exhibitions and conferences with Romanian and foreign artists and figures. One such event includes the unique Theatre Festival, NETA Festival 2015, where all the plays of the festival will be presented under the roof of the National Theatre itself.




From one art form to another, Bucharest further illustrates its cultural importance with its various contemporary art galleries and successful native artists.

The Zorzini Gallery, which is based in the heart of Bucharest in an industrial space sheltered by the 19th century building of the former Fur Factory, is a great example of the immensely interesting art work on offer in the capital. Focusing on contemporary art and regularly displaying Romanian and international initiatives, the gallery showcases the best of modern artistic talent through working with both emerging and established artists.

‘It would be an authentic experience for river cruise travellers to visit our space in order to instantly get in contact with fresh and good quality art of the moment especially expressed on traditional mediums like painting, drawing or sculpture.’

     -  Zorzini Gallery





With limited time to fully explore the history and culture of Bucharest on an inclusive European river cruise, nowhere is better to visit during your stay than the National History Museum of Romania. Offering a collection of over 600,000 artefacts for visitors to peruse, it is considered one of the largest and most diverse museums in Bucharest.

Their temporary exhibitions, which change regularly, always make it an interesting visit for those who have been before, while their three permanent exhibitions are always a marvel to behold, especially their The Historical Treasure exhibition that depicts a large collection of impressive jewellery and golden religious objects.




Finally, all of that exploring may have seen you work up an appetite and nowhere is better equipped to satisfy this hunger than Bucharest.

Lente & Cafea is a great restaurant choice in the heart of the city. Next to its incredible, yet experimental, menu the venue also hosts some superb musical talent with jazz evenings and gigs.

‘Lente is not the usual bistro.

Lente is the place where good food meets the feeling of intimacy, as only a home can offer. We love to welcome our guests in an informal and laid-back way, where the mood counts even more than the food. We do not believe in TV, grumpy waiters or boring menus, so come to Lente. Visit Lente for a relaxed urban garden, artistic expressions, all-day breakfast and yummy food.

Lente & cafea at 31, General Praporgescu str. is a non-smoking location. Lente & cafea at 8, Arcului str. has a wonderful garden, a green oasis of calm right in the center of the city. Lente & sotron, opened at 20, Pache Protopopescu blvd. in October 2014, is an amusement park in a house, featuring more than 140 boardgames, foosball, darts, shuffleboard, and more.

We welcome kids, bikes, pets and open-minded people.’

     -  Lente & Cafea

These are just a few of the great experiences to be had in Bucharest. Book your river cruise today to grab a taste of Bucharest for yourself!

Image Credit: The National Theater in Bucharest

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