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The best river cruise apps right now

With some of the best river cruise operators now offering free Wi-Fi aboard their ships, more and more guests are enhancing their cruise experience with technology and utilising apps to ensure that they get the very most out of their holiday. From helping you pack to new ways to send a postcard, this guide will look to introduce you to some of the best apps available on the market right now.

XE Currency

Having just celebrated its fifth birthday, the XE Currency app is now regarded as one of the top foreign currency apps on the market. Allowing users to easily convert absolutely every currency there is in the world, it is the ultimate resource for river cruise guests and frequent travellers.

Available for download across a range of devices and operating systems, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone, the app is widely accessible and completely user-friendly to ensure that on-the-go users across the world can calculate currencies easily.

"We at XE are proud to bring the power of the world’s favourite currency website to the palm of your hand. Our fans always tell us how much they love our app – and we are very grateful." Steven Dengler, co-founder and CEO of XE

Packing Pro

With visits to multiple countries, various climates to contend with and plenty of different social events to attend both on board and ashore, packing for European river cruise holidays can prove to be quite the dilemma. To help, the great team at QuinnScape have come up with the Packing Pro app so that you will never forget to pack anything again!

Acting as a super-enhanced personal packing assistant for iPhone and iPad users, it has iCloud syncing, sharing options and sample lists for you to use alongside numerous other useful features.

"Like with camping, having to replace a forgotten item while on a river cruise can be a logistical nightmare. Packing Pro tries to keep that from ever happening." Quinn, QuinnScape


There’s nothing worse than losing your partner or group whilst off exploring a new city during your spare time. That is why the great developers at Stockholm App Lab have created the Remeet app.

“Here is the simplest location app that […] shows the way back to the starting place. If you want you can set a timer to get a reminder of when to get back, but otherwise it just shows you the quickest way back to the starting point. All you have to do is to download the app and then set your location and off you go. When you want to return you press "get me back" and you get the quickest route on the map. Ideal for group tours, family city visits, mall visits and cruises.” Peter Asbrink, Remeet


Just because we have entered a digital age does not mean that we have to forget about time old traditions and creativity. Touchnote is among the best apps for connecting with people while abroad; it makes sending postcards and greeting cards easier than ever before and, best of all, it can be done straight from the app nearly anywhere in the world!

They can print and post cards to the USA, UK, Germany or Australia with next-day delivery available, so your loved ones can see how great your cruise is whilst you are experiencing it. Glossy postcards start from just £1.49 including delivery and they even have a 100 per cent happiness guarantee.

"Touchnote is the world's most popular mobile postcard sending service. But actually, it's more than that. We think it's one of the best ways of showing the most important family and friends in your life what you're up to – be it on holiday, seeing new sights, or having some fun with family. An awesome way to share the happiness in your life." Raam Thakrar, Founder, Touchnote Ltd.


The views from a river cruise are often so vast and incredible that it often seems such a shame that you can’t capture it all in one image. Well, thanks to the geniuses at Microsoft Photosynth, now you can. The Photosynth app allows you to create full spherical panoramas on-the-go from its innovative capture system, available for download on iTunes and from the Windows App Store, so that you never miss a detail again.

River Cruise Info

Finally, one of the best apps for river cruises right now has to be the River Cruise Info app. Specifically designed for river cruise guests travelling to Europe, it includes over 460 detailed offline maps and even allows you to check the river levels for cruises on the Rhine, Danube, Elbe or across France. Developed by River Cruise Info, the website that offers a unique river cruise database for all those interested in the field, it is one of the best apps to use whilst on the river cruise itself!

Image Credit: Packing Pro

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