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The best places to visit in autumn in Europe

With so many fantastic autumn river cruise holidays to choose from, nowhere looks better than Europe to escape the dreary British weather. Here we have asked some respected travel bloggers their expert opinion on the best holiday destinations for autumn.
Czech Republic

Canadian travel writer and photographer Brendan van Son is not only a well-respected travel blogger within the blogging community, but he is also an experienced traveller having visited four different continents, writing about and photographing them all. Here he describes the best European city to visit in autumn.

Brendan’s Adventures, Brendan van Son

“I love Prague that time of year.  You've got that red architecture of the city melding with the fall colours on the trees.  It's stunning.”

Van Son is not wrong; the architecture is one of the highlights of Prague at any time of year, but in autumn in particular visitors are able to appreciate that stunning colourful spectrum. Czech food and drink is known for being particularly warming, so nothing is better than enjoying a traditional Czech beer and a hearty meal after a day’s exploration of the city’s picturesque sights. Even when the weather turns colder still, Prague makes for a great destination for winter holidays as the city’s many museums and galleries are a great alternative to outside sightseeing.

There are also some fantastic events to enjoy in the city at this time including Prague Autumn, the celebrated follow up music festival to the world-renowned Prague Spring.


The Amateur Traveler, or Chris Christenson as the blog’s host is better known, focuses on the best places to travel to. As such, his recommendation on holiday destinations for autumn comes highly commended. The Amateur Traveler includes a weekly audio travel podcast and video travel podcast in addition to the reputable blog, offering all sorts of tips and advice for where to visit in the world. Here Christenson offers his recommendation for where to visit in autumn.

Amateur Traveler, Chris Christensen

“Heidelberg is still pretty on a wet autumn day. The ruins of the old fortress looks majestic as it rises above the trees as they change to autumn colors.”

Heidelberg, a town in west Germany, is a stunning place to visit in the autumn, as described above.  The castle in particular looks its best during this time as the autumnal leaves create a beautiful frame around the ancient structure. Here, Christensen illustrates the sheer beauty of this castle in his blog.

Germany in general offers much to the autumn visitor, with Cologne being a favourite among regular river cruise travellers during this time as the famed Cologne Carnival is celebrated during the month of November. To find out more about the city, see this previous article the river cruiser’s guide to Cologne for other great sights to see in this city in the autumn.


This next blogger is a native Belgian, so who better to give their opinion on the holiday destinations to visit in the autumn than someone who lives there? Nina Tack from the Travelboulevard blog writes about her life travelling the world and has offered us a great recommendation for autumn holidays.

Travelboulevard, Nina Tack

Here she had one word for us when it came to the best place to visit in Europe in the autumn –


Vienna is a popular choice of destination at any time of year; its many theatres, museums and cultural sites offer its visitors some fantastic experiences to see and immerse themselves in. It is for this reason that modern Danube river cruises are known to sell out months in advance of their departure date as everyone wants to experience this enigmatic city, particularly in the autumn.

With the likes of Vienna Fashion Week, Long Night of the Museums and the world-renowned Viennale Vienna International Film Festival all taking place in the autumn there is a great atmosphere around the city at this time, even if you don’t get a chance to visit these superb events.

All of these beautiful locations are great choices for holidays in October and autumn, and with Emerald Cruises you can see them all whilst enjoying the next generation of river cruising.

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