The best festivals in Europe

The varied culture of this great continent with its many countries and nationalities means that it is home to a fantastic programme of annual festivals for travellers of all ages to enjoy, many of which are situated en route European summer river cruises. If you will be stopping off nearby these destinations, think about adding some of these incredible events to your packed itinerary. 

Museum Embankment Festival

The Museumsufer Fest, or Museum Embankment Festival, in Frankfurt, Germany is one of the country’s most significant festivals. Celebrating 22 of the city’s museums plus art galleries that are located on the banks of the River Main, it truly is an expression of local culture and history, and it is a great opportunity for escorted river cruise guests to experience the best of the local area and its cultural attractions.

The festival takes place at the end of August every year and there is also plenty of music, dancing and food stalls for visitors to enjoy alongside its celebration of its embankment museums, which stay open late throughout the duration of the festival. There is even a way to overcome the language barrier if your German is a little rusty as most of the activities can been enjoyed no matter your mother tongue, and there are even some guided museum tours available in foreign languages so that international visitors can make the most of the local attractions.

With such a great mix of art, culture and leisure, it is no wonder the event attracts some 3 million visitors every year. Here, Frankfurt Tourism explain why you should visit one of the largest cultural festivals in all of Europe.

“Museum Embankment Festival is not only one of Europe’s largest cultural events, but also my favourite one in Frankfurt, combining the unique cultural landscape you find only here, and the international and dynamic part of Frankfurt that may be experienced in the wide range of food, drinks, music and conversations at the festival site.” Mareike Vöhl, Manager Tourism Marketing

Salzburg Festival

We move onto Austria for another great summer event that all will enjoy – the Salzburg Festival. From opera and theatre to concerts of the highest of standards, this really is a festival of the artistic elite, where visitors can enjoy the very best of Austrian culture and talent. Held over five-six weeks each summer, it has an extraordinary reputation among the European festival scene and sees many visitors from across the world return year after year.

Here one of the festival’s founding fathers described his vision for the future of this incredible festival.

“Dramatic play-acting in the strongest sense is our intention; routine, run-of-the-mill performances have no place here.” Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Salzburg Festival Founder

Bordeaux Wine Festival

A highlight of the French calendar would have to be the great Bordeaux Wine Festival, which takes place in the region every two years. Bordeaux has long been known for its wine making heritage so it stands to reason that the area along with the Aquitaine showcases this great talent with a festival that highlights the best of the area’s product every year.

Situated in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a festival that everyone is sure to enjoy whether you are a wine connoisseur or not. With numerous activities making up the festival, from tastings to a vineyard pass, the festival is always alive with a buzz of excitement.

So check your diary and see which great European festivals you can visit during your next river cruise in Europe.

Image Credit: Museum Embankment Festival

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