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The beautiful sights of Mainz

Here is a European river cruise guide to just some of the sights you can expect to see during your time in this beautiful riverside city.

Mainz Synagogue

Due to the destruction of much of Mainz from bombing during World War II, the city holds some fantastic examples of modern architecture. Mainz Synagogue was built in 2010 and is one of the city’s most impressive sights. The shape and structure of the building is truly unique and inside, the layout and décor is clean, light and modern

The Gutenberg Museum

Exhibits at this museum take an in-depth look at the history of printing throughout the ages, much of the museum’s signs and information are in English and a short film for visitors is presented in English also. One of the most spectacular highlights of the museum include two original Gutenberg bibles from the mid-15th Century.

St Peterskirche

The Church of St Peter was built in 1748 on the site of a 10th century monastery. A glorious example of the opulent rococo style, The Church of St Peter is adorned with a gilded pulpit and altars, and a striking pink and white colour scheme. The two ‘onion domes’ atop the two towers of the church can be seen from the banks of the Rhine in the north east area of Mainz.

Theodor Heuss Bridge

This beautiful arched bridge joins Mainz to the region of Weisbaden over the waters of the Rhine. The bridge is over 100 metres long and stands in the same region as a Roman bridge across the Rhine built in 27 AD. The view of the river and the bridge is particularly beautiful at night, when the lights across the arches reflect onto the waters below.

Landesmuseum Mainz

Holding some truly breathtaking rare artefacts and items all exquisitely presented, a visit to this museum is well recommended. From stunning Art Nouveau pieces to collections of beautiful Renaissance and 20th Century German paintings, an hour or two wandering through these fascinating exhibits is time well spent. Some incredible rare artefacts include 5th and 7th Century tombstones inscribed in Latin and some exquisitely fine Baroque porcelain.

Dom St Martin

The world famous St Martin Cathedral is a sight not to miss during your Rhine river cruise. A typically Romanesque building, crafted from red sandstone in the 12th Century, this cathedral has seen seven coronations over its centuries. Inside the cathedral, artwork and sculptures are displayed as well as some stunning examples of internal architecture, such as the ornate partition between the choir and the congregation and work from the Master of Naumberg. An English language pamphlet is available to help point out sights of interest inside and outside the Cathedral.

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