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Telegraph shows highlights of the Rhine

The River Rhine has been a popular route with operators of escorted river cruise holidays for some time and now the broadsheet’s Travel section has released their own guide to the best sights to see on the Rhine.

Arts, architecture and attractions

Celebrating Europe’s art, architecture and various attractions that river cruise guests are privy to through Emerald Waterway’s engaging itineraries on Rhine river cruises were just some of the highlights mention in the Telegraph’s Highlights of a Rhine river cruise: in pictures. From Basel’s now world-renowned Art Basel art festival, which has since branched out to Hong Kong and Miami, to Strasbourg’s Baroque buildings, there are just so many reasons to see Europe by boat.

With Christmas on the horizon, many will be thinking of Christmas market cruises, which are always so popular and booked up far in advance, but what this Telegraph article just goes to show is that the Rhine welcomes visitors throughout the year with its thriving variety of cultures and attractions.

Another highlight pictured by the Telegraph was that of Koblenz, Germany. With its heritage as one of the largest and oldest parts of Europe, this stretch of the Rhine between Koblenz and Bingen is renowned for its staggering beauty, and the view from the river goes unrivalled as guests are able to look up to see the likes of picture-book castles, including the eight-towered Eltz and the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

Few holiday experiences offer their guests the chance to experience such a variety of sights and attractions as a river cruise on the Rhine does its guests. From cultural wonders to views of other-worldly landscapes, a Rhine river cruise, as shown by the Telegraph and Emerald Waterways’ itineraries, is a holiday like no other.

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