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Shopping the fashions of Europe

This guide looks to offer information on some of the best boutiques and shopping experiences to be had on a tour of Europe’s waterways.


Austria, and Vienna in particular, has long been praised for its quaint markets and crafts where visitors can pick up the most exquisite of souvenirs from the array of ceramic and leather goods on offer. While it is also known for its beautiful fashions, the famed Naschmarkt is a must for any shopper visiting the city. This popular market is 1.5 kilometres long and offers a wide array of goods, the likes of which are only succeeded by the city’s fantastic Christmas markets. These are famous all over the world, making our Christmas Markets of Europe river cruise immensely popular as guests are able to take in the beautiful architecture as well as purchasing gifts and keepsakes from the most exquisite of markets.

For those looking for specific clothing brands the city’s newly converted Gasometers offer an incredible experience. These four gasometers are over 100 years old and now house an impressive shopping centre, home to around 70 shops, alongside a large events hall and modern apartments.


As we wait patiently for the end of the construction of the Colosseum – which is set to become one of Europe’s largest shopping centres – there are still some fantastic examples of Bucharest fashion dotted around the country’s many boutiques and shops. Entrance – which sits within the famed ‘Universul’ building, once home to the city’s first typography company –  is as impressive inside as it is out, with the building’s minimalist appearance mirroring the striking designs inside.


From one spectacular building to another, Amsterdam’s former main post office now makes up one of Europe’s most highly regarded shopping centres. The Magna Plaza is home to some of the world’s most popular designers as well as some of the more common household names. From Mango to Dior, there is no end to what is available is this fantastic store.

There are three floors to explore with fashion, footwear, souvenirs, watches and jewellery, food and drink, entertainment and health and beauty all at your disposal so just be careful not to spend too long perusing the windows, as you could spend longer shopping than you had intended.


Finally, Hungary is also known as a European shopping dream with Budapest’s incredible Il Bacio Di Stile boutique attracting a great number of visitors. With designers such as Bottega Veneta, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Sergio Rossi, Armani and Jimmy Choo to choose from, this boutique really does offer a fine shopping experience.

With an exterior to match, situated in the city’s fashion district in a Neo-Renaissance palace, the whole shopping experience of this beautiful boutique is a dream.

These are just a few of the best shopping experience’s to enjoy during all-inclusive river cruises in Europe, but there are many more to explore and discover for yourself. Book today and you will soon see the incredible fashions Europe has to offer its river cruise guests and travellers.

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