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Our favourite photo spots in Europe

Few holidays offer the chance to broaden your photography portfolio quite like that of photography river cruise holidays. Waking up in a different destination every day, a river cruise in Europe offers endless opportunities for capturing that perfect photo moment – here we have asked some of those who have travelled the continent to share some of their favourite photo spots, so you can get some great photos too.

Photo spot #1 – Frankfurt, Germany

The first photo spot recommendation comes from Samantha of the Have Sippy Will Travel blog. Her engaging blog follows her life around the world as a mother and writer, and, while hailing from America, her experience of Europe is thorough and diverse.

‘We loved taking photos from the top of the Main Tower in Germany.  From that height, the views are amazing.  We also enjoyed the historic town of Bremen, the buildings and historical ambiance were lovely and seeing a childhood home of the Grimm brothers was a highlight for history and literature lovers.’ – Samantha, Have Sippy Will Travel

Main Tower in Frankfurt is a 56-storey, 200-metre high skyscraper and makes for a great photo subject itself, let alone as a spot to capture incredible views of the surrounding German landscape. The fairy tale nature of Bremen is something that river cruise travellers can enjoy throughout their River Rhine cruise itineraries as they pass through the likes of the Black Forest, the location which inspired many such tales.

Photo spot #2 – The Rhine, Germany

Continuing in the praise for the River Rhine is Chris Christensen of the Amateur Traveler blog. His varied blog covers a wide range of the best places to visit in Europe, taking plenty of photos along the way. His photo gallery shows just what river cruise travellers could see in this part of Europe, as well as capture to take home and show friends and family.

‘The Rhine river gorge in Germany comes to mind. A landscape filled with castles on a foggy morning is pretty special.’ – Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler

Photo spot #3 – Budapest, Hungary

Hosting travelogue and photography blog Brendan’s Adventures, Brendan van Son not only offers a great suggestion of where to capture the best photo on your river cruise holiday, but also has plenty of tips and advice on such photography on his blog, perfect for the amateur photographer to use to brush up on their skills ahead of the river cruise.

‘I love taking pictures in Budapest, actually.  The chain bridge, the parliament buildings, and the market all make for such great photo locations.’ – Brendan van Son, Brendan’s Adventures

The chain bridge is not the only highlight of Budapest; with fantastic works of art to see and great festivals regularly taking place over the city it would be hard not to find a fascinating subject matter.

Photo spot #4 – Paris, France

Kate of the Adventurous Kate travel blog is a full-time travel blogger; her blog sees her travel the world, making her a leading authority on the best views and photo opportunities in Europe. Here she provides an insight into the best photo spots of Europe.

‘I love photographing the Marais in Paris. It's my favorite Parisian neighborhood because it's got beautiful architecture, nice parks, and an interesting mix of cultures.’ – Kate, Adventurous Kate

While Marais boasts stunning architecture in the north of the country, its southern sister of Lyon is equally prized for its architecture. With the Delights of France cruise showing the very best of this UNESCO World Heritage site, Paris is not the only location where you can take a stunning photograph of the landscape and cities of France.

Photo spot #5 – The canals, Belgium

Jenna and Micah Kvidt of the Wander the Map blog travel as a couple around the world, much like many of our guests do on our river cruises across Europe. Their blog features highlights of the destinations that they visit and the photos that they capture along the way.

‘My favorite photo spot in Europe is the canals in Belgium—Ghent specifically. The storybook buildings mixed with the street art and contemporary design make it a beautiful spot.’ – Jenna Kvidt, Wander the Map

Their blog features numerous photos of their travels in Europe, with Belgium and Bruges featuring heavily. The canals of Belgium are not a far cry from the famed canals of Amsterdam, all of which make for a perfect subject for those on photography holidays where you can try and capture the life of this moving element.

Photo spot #6 – Bruges, Belgium

Also a fan of Belgium’s photography subjects is Nina of Travelboulevard. As a native Belgian, she may be slightly biased, but as it is a country of immense architectural and natural beauty, we can’t help but agree with her!

‘Bruges, our beautiful hometown. Bring some extra camera cards with you!’ – Travelboulevard

Photo spot #7 – Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

Finally, Ania and Jon’s suggestion of the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia may be a bit of a trek from the Slovak capital of Bratislava, but their sheer size means they are a reasonable choice. The HitchHiker’s Handbook provides further information on this beautiful country with individual travel guides on each area that they have visited.

‘The breath-taking Tatra Mountains in Slovakia make up some of the best places to photograph anywhere on the continent. The mountains cover an area of 785km2 and straddles the border of Poland and Slovakia. The highest peak is Gerlach (2655m) but the real experience is in soaking up the alpine views that travel as far as the eye can see.’ – Ania & Jon, Hitchhiker’s Handbook

For those not so keen to experience the cold mountain air, Slovakia as a whole offers some fantastic photo opportunities and few more so than that of Bratislava, where its architecture and status occupying both banks of the River Danube make it a hot spot for photography.

For expert tips on how to best capture your river cruise holiday see our previous guide, which is full of helpful hints from the experts and advice on the best products to use.

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