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Original Mozart masterpiece found in Budapest

The missing score was found by the head of the music collection at Budapest’s National Szechenyi Library, Balazs Mikusi, and had his heart racing as he discovered just what the piece was. The news will come of great interest and excitement with regulars of top river cruise holidays that pass through Budapest and any Mozart enthusiasts as we now have the original manuscript of one of the world’s best-known composed pieces.

“One of the best known Mozart pieces”

The manuscript that was found, The Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major (K.331), has been described by music historians in this article as “one of the best known Mozart pieces.”, describing the final movement of the sonata as “Mozart’s best known melody.”

Mikusi, who found the piece, said that he uncovered the work in a dark corner of the library and thought that “the handwriting already looked suspiciously 'Mozartish'”.

The sonata was written around the year 1783, but the original manuscript was previously thought to be lost, with only one surviving page preserved in the master’s home city of Salzburg, making this latest discovery a true blessing to the world of classical music. Yet it remains a mystery as to how the manuscript came to be in Budapest; Mozart is not believed to have ever set foot in Hungary, being Austrian-born, with further details of the composer’s life in Vienna explored in this previous article, which makes the discovery all the more significant.

European river cruise itineraries often pay homage to this great master, visiting attractions such as Mozart House in Vienna, but this latest finding might just extend the music trail across the border to Budapest.

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