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Introducing Three New Emerald Cruises Itineraries to Discover

With the launch of our new 2018 brochure, we’re showcasing three magnificent new itineraries for you to explore in the new year. From the cosmopolitan spirit of Amsterdam to picturesque Rhine waters, find some inspiration for your next adventure with these exceptional European river cruises from Emerald Cruises.

The Charms of Holland & Belgium

Beginning with a leisurely exploration of Amsterdam’s world-famous sights, first-class museums and chic cafés, experience this bustling 700-year-old city by winding through its serene canals or go local with an EmeraldACTIVE guided bike tour for a true Dutch adventure.

From here, a guided tour of Dordrecht – Holland’s oldest city – lets you take in its rich culture and history, before we travel to the Kinderdijk Windmills, a World Heritage-listed site where nature and technology combine to awe-inspiring effect.

The next day, Antwerp offers a cultural experience rich in art and Renaissance-era architecture, with guided walking tours that take in its cobbled lanes and gothic Cathedral of Our Lady, amongst many other delights.

Maastricht’s collection of museums, churches and hidden alleys let you step back in time, before the following day’s visit to Arnhem and its WWII-steeped history captures a snapshot of the city’s military legacy.   

Your last destination brings you to Hoorn, a prosperous trading town complete with listed buildings and the former Oostereiland prison. From Hoorn, experience Edam’s world-famous cheese, before travelling to the small fishing village of Volendam and its Dutch-costumed denizens.

The Classic Rhine

Amsterdam’s winding canals and rich historical heritage make the perfect start to this river cruise itinerary. Take a trip to the Rijksmuseum or experience the city with a guided bike tour. Afterwards, a relaxing sail through the Dutch countryside takes in its famous windmills as you approach the Rhine River.

Experience the grandeur of ancient Rome in Xanten and visit its Roman Archaeological Park. Featuring reconstructed, rebuilt and original remains, travel back in time and immerse yourself in a culture dating back to 98 AD.

From here, the world’s tallest cold-water geyser in Andernach - a spectacular natural phenomenon – adds some wonder to the Rhine Valley’s serene idyll. The enchanting charm of Cochem’s cobbled streets and its epic Reichsburg Castle graces your river cruise with a spell-binding storybook feel.

Further medieval marvels abound in Bernkastel. Situated along the Moselle River, take a lazy stroll through its medieval marketplace and finish up with an EmeraldPLUS wine tasting session.

Finally, put your feet up cruising the Moselle and its 340-mile expanse. Relax on-board; immerse yourself in its sights, take a dip in the Club Pool or get to know it up close on a guided bike tour with EmeraldACTIVE.

The Majestic Rhine

Our third new itinerary sets off along Mainz. Arriving in Rüdesheim on the second day, a guided tour takes you to Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Museum, an eccentric curiosity of self-playing musical instruments that’s hugely popular with our river cruise guests. Sample the city’s famous Rudesheimer Coffee, a local delight made with Germany’s popular brandy Asbach Uralt.

Day three sees you sail to the 2,000-year-old town of Koblenz, where the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress – a World Heritage site rich in military history – awaits you. Moving on, the college town of Heidelberg offers plenty of time for serene exploration, with a spectacular castle that looks over the town.

Hidden away along the border of the Black Forest, Baden Baden’s expansive landscapes make it perfect for picturesque strolls, with a guided walking tour along the historic Kurhaus Colonnade among its highlights, before a trip to Hohenbaden Castle ends the day with breath-taking views of its countryside.

The next day, Strasbourg’s canals take in Petite France, its Covered Bridges and the Vauban dam along the way, while the beautifully quaint town of Colmar makes for a delightful stop-off as we approach the end of your river cruise. Filled with cosy streets and half-timbered houses, enjoy a guided city tour of the Unterlinden Museum, the Maison des Têtes, Minster of St. Marti and the little Venice quarter.

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