Hungary listed as one of the most beautiful filming locations

Other destinations on the prestigious list included Prague and Paris, which are not only popular filming destinations for blockbuster movies but are also visited by escorted European river cruises on a regular basis.

The recognition by the tourism website is a great achievement for Hungary and it is hoped this will encourage more film crews and tourists to visit in the future.

According to an article on Hungary Today the number of international tourists arriving in Hungary grew by 4 per cent in 2014, with filming crews spending more than 100,000 nights in the country. The government commissioner has also suggested that foreign movie making in Hungary has expanded up to six times over the past four years.

Low cost and easily adaptable locations attract film crews

Concessions provided by the government in recent years have meant that locations for filming are available at a relatively cheap price, with street scenery often easy to modify to suit particular movies. Hungary’s scenery has a proven track record of being featured in popular films, with a tradition going back further than a century.

Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks is due to start filming in Budapest from mid-March in the latest sequel of the Da Vinci Code movies. It is speculated that the crew of the Hollywood blockbuster movies will be filming in the Hungarian capital for a duration of two months.

Other international films which have recently been filmed in the country include World War Z, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Zookeeper’s Wife. Die Hard 5 was originally meant to be filmed in Prague during 2012, but the location was later switched to Budapest and it became one of the biggest budget movies ever filmed in Hungary.

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