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How to celebrate your wedding anniversary on a cruise

The occasion marks a significant stage in your commitment and love for one another and, as such, should be celebrated as both an achievement and an extra reason to enjoy some quality time together, further strengthening your relationship.

A couples river cruise has become an increasingly popular way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, and quite rightly so. Offering a stress-free way to enjoy a holiday with everything taken care of for you, whilst offering the chance to share new and romantic experiences, a river cruise offers what few other holidays and activities can – true quality time together as a couple.

Here we show you how to really celebrate your wedding anniversary on a river cruise with the help of a few experts.

Few organisations can claim to be an expert on wedding anniversaries, but Debrett’s, a society steeped in tradition and Britishness, can claim just that. Here they provide a bit of background to their organisation as well as their top tip for couples celebrating a wedding anniversary.

“With a 250-year heritage, Debrett’s remains the trusted source on British social skills, etiquette and style; this expertise is reflected in a range of coaching, training and classes, designed to increase success and confidence in both professional and personal situations. Debrett’s also publishes a range of guides, luxury diaries and notebooks, as well as the biographical resources People of Today, which chronicles professional achievement in the UK, and The Peerage, first published by John Debrett more than 250 years ago.

Their tip for celebrating your wedding anniversary is:

“Wedding anniversaries are traditionally linked with particular materials or objects, which can help you to choose a personal and thoughtful present for your spouse. For example, 10 years is tin, 25 is silver and 40 is ruby. To find out which anniversary you will be celebrating, check the Debrett’s list.”

When looking for anniversary gifts and ideas, nothing beats tradition, and creative takes on such traditions can really show your other half how much you care whilst marking this special occasion.

Those thinking of taking a Danube cruise with us will be interested to know that the traditional gifts referred to by Debrett’s allude to a tradition that dates back to Medieval Germany, where it was customary to give the celebrating bride a silver crown on her 25th wedding anniversary to congratulate her on the prolonged life of her and her partner, as well as marking their strong relationship.

The very first list of traditional anniversary gifts was created and published by American author Emily Post in her 1922 work Etiquette—the Blue Book of Social Usage. Post was famous for her writing on etiquette, a legacy that continues with the Emily Post Institute, set up by Emily and continued by her descendants.

These gifts reflect the deepening of the couple’s commitment through the length of time they have remained together and the investment both people have put into the marriage.



While the first anniversary gift is not necessarily an exciting prospect, with paper representing the new state of the couple’s marriage it is considered as one of the most significant and romantic anniversaries. It is an exciting time, as you can both reflect on your wedding day and still enjoy the joys of the honeymoon phase.

Paper gives the opportunity to give a gift with real sentiment, perhaps a printed poem or the lyrics of your wedding song. Be creative and show how much you care about each other still a year on.



Five years traditionally is marked by the gift of wood. Much stronger than the first anniversary, you have reached a time where you will both have most likely overcome obstacles and come out stronger for it.

Make Me Something Special is a fantastic company that can help you celebrate this anniversary at its best. Making the most stunning personalised wooden gifts, they are expertly equipped to make your fifth anniversary gift, and many more besides. Having been commissioned to make such prestigious pieces as Prince George’s Royal Toy Box, alongside other items for the royal family, you know your gift is in capable hands.

Here they share with us their most popular products and top tip for celebrating a wedding anniversary.

“Our most popular Wedding Anniversary Gift is the Anniversary Block and the Wall Plaques. This is because you can have all of the special dates, places, even the coordinates of where you shared your fist kiss engraved on to a beautifully tactile and lasting gift.”



A river cruise holiday is a great way to celebrate your Crystal wedding anniversary, with Austria in particular offering a great way to celebrate this occasion. Home to Riedel, one of the most exquisite crystal glass makers in the world, why not visit the place where they are made and purchase a really meaningful gift together? Read more about Riedel and Europe’s wine regions in this previous article.



Renowned as one of the most significant anniversaries, the Silver wedding anniversary is definitely one that you shouldn’t ignore. While the anniversary ideas are limitless for this anniversary, why not go for something a bit different? You could get a Silver Birch tree to commemorate your years together and plant something that will be with you for the next happy 25 years.



The pearl wedding anniversary is the next big step after silver and as such is a great time to celebrate. While not considered as big as the silver anniversary, despite celebrating more years together, it is certainly a good excuse to spend time together and commemorate the occasion.

Baker Days makes some of the most beautiful wedding anniversary cakes, with their Pearl Wedding Anniversary Cake making a perfect sentiment. Their cakes can be personalised with photos and your own messages with a choice of cake flavours, sizes and dietary requirements catered for.



There are few better excuses than a Gold wedding anniversary to get the whole family together to celebrate. Why not make it like your wedding day, have a big party where everyone can celebrate together and enjoy each other’s company and then, while the proceedings are in full flow, the two of you can escape on a second honeymoon on the waterways of Europe.



What an achievement! 60 years together is a momentous occasion, one that is even acknowledged by the Queen herself with a congratulatory message. 60 years is marked as the Diamond Wedding Anniversary, making a river cruise to Amsterdam and the Diamond Museum the perfect way to celebrate.

If you’re approaching a wedding anniversary and thinking of booking a river cruise, give us a call – we’d love to help you with your plans.

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