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Experience the sounds of Prague in autumn

The Czech Republic city of Prague is known for its stunning architecture and urban beauty, but autumn is a time when the capital is transformed into a musical hub where a number of distinguished and diverse festivals take place.


When you are done sightseeing for the day whilst on a stop-off in the city with European river cruise lines during the autumn, there are plenty of cultural sights and events awaiting you in the evening.


Strings of Autumn

This festival prides itself on its reputation of mixing musical genres, encouraging innovation and merging tradition with the experimental. The festival runs from September to November and showcases some of the best performers and producers in the industry. With nine concert evenings in total, there are plenty of opportunities to visit this cultural event and enjoy the various musical styles on display.


AghaRTA Jazz Festival

The AghaRTA Jazz Festival is run in association with the AghaRTA club that was launched in 1991 after the death of famous jazz musician Miles Davis, and named after his groundbreaking album. Since then, the club has played host to some of the best Czech jazz musicians and been a popular haunt for all lovers of the genre. The festival runs until 16 November and features a range of musicians at the Jazz Centre and Lucerna Music Bar.


Czech Philharmonic

The internationally famed Czech symphony orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic, starts its season of performances in early October with two opening concerts. These mark the start of a rich programme of musical performances that will be a must for lovers of classical orchestral music, and those visiting Prague with a view to experience the city's culture.


Prague Symphony Orchestra

Similarly, be sure to visit the recitals of the Prague Symphony Orchestra. The conducted ensemble has performed the scores for many Czech films and was made the city’s official concert ensemble in 1952. There are a number of events taking place hosted by the orchestra throughout October and continuing through to the winter months.


With such a range of cultural activity taking place in the Czech Republic’s capital throughout autumn, Prague is set to be awash with music fans and devotees alike over the coming months.


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