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European zoos welcome two newborns into the world

Western Lowland Gorilla

In the past fortnight, a baby gorilla and baby gibbon have been born at two different zoos in Europe.

On Thursday 16 July, Faddama the gorilla gave birth to her third offspring, despite already being a great-grandmother. The sex of the newborn is still unknown, meaning it is yet to be given a name, although keepers will do so as soon as they are able to examine the baby gorilla. The baby is the third gorilla to have been born at Basel Zoo since 2014, but before these arrivals, there hadn’t been any newborn gorillas at the zoo for more than 10 years.

Most endangered primate born at Prague Zoo

Also, Prague Zoo more recently welcomed a new-born endangered silver gibbon, making it the first-ever offspring of its kind to be born in the Czech Republic. The baby’s parents only arrived at the zoo last year, with the mother coming from England and the father from Munich in Germany. Both are ten years old and are said to have been taking excellent care of their new arrival.

In an article published by the Prague Post, a zoo spokesperson said: "Since the very beginning, the two gibbons have been fond of one another, and they started mating. One of the first matings was successful, and after a seven-month pregnancy, Alangalang gave birth to her first young during the night.”

Prague Zoo was also in the news earlier this year when it was named by TripAdvisor as one of the world’s best zoos, placing in the top five alongside San Diego Zoo, Loro Parque in Spain and Singapore Zoo.

Those finding themselves in Europe while on river cruise holidays in 2016 will be able to visit both zoos in order to see the young additions, which are sure to be a wonderful sight.

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