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EmeraldPLUS – Slovakian Family Visit

At Emerald Cruises, we believe one of the great joys of river cruising is the chance to really explore the authentic cultures of the beautiful cities on Europe’s stunning waterways. It is our objective to introduce you to the true cultures of the destinations we visit, as part of the in-depth exploration of riverside towns and cities. Central to this ethic is the EmeraldPLUS experience, a series of authentic excursions and activities included in every Emerald Cruises cruise.

These experiences take many forms, and have been developed as exclusive excursions included in Emerald Cruises packages. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the more unique EmeraldPLUS experiences – the Slovakian Family Visit.

During the Splendours of Europe and Danube Delights cruises, guests are given the chance to visit a Slovakian family for an afternoon tea when the cruise pulls up in historic Bratislava. After paying tribute to the beautiful Old Town of the Slovakian capital, guests who opt for the Slovakian Family Visit will be split into small groups and directed to the homes of a Bratislavan locals.  

There, the handpicked families will share stories (in English) of life in Bratislava and the city’s traditions. The hosts will lovingly prepare a traditional Slovakian meal for their cruise-faring guests – a meal they would cook for their own families.

Each Slovakian Family Visit is unique every time we visit, with the hosts in charge of the food and entertainment. We believe this gives a more authentic insight into life in Bratislava – plus it’s wonderful for all the groups to share their different stories and experiences when they return to the river ship later in the day.

This one-to-one interaction with families from Bratislava provides information and insights which are seldom available from tour guides and holidaymaker literature. Getting to the very heart of the place and its people, you’ll enjoy Bratislava the city, rather than Bratislava the destination.

Inaccessible to the average traveller, the Slovakian Family Visit, like all EmeraldPLUS excursions, provides a true once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’s all included in the price.

All Emerald Cruises trips include at least one EmeraldPLUS experience, providing unforgettable moments in new destinations, meeting the people who make the beautiful riverside towns and cities extra special.

If you’re interested in experiencing the true flavour of some of Europe and Asia’s most beautiful towns and cities perched on winding rivers, Emerald Cruises can take you there aboard our stunning river cruise ships. For a full list of cruises, visit our homepage, or call our dedicated team on 855 444 0161.