Introducing Emerald Harmony: the latest addition to our Star-Ship fleet

Say hello to the future of luxury river cruising in Southeast Asia: Emerald Harmony. New to our growing fleet of Star-Ships, this contemporary vessel is specifically designed to sail the Mekong River – transporting you through the colourful lands of Vietnam and Cambodia in complete style and comfort.

Combining all the luxuries of our European Star-Ships with a bespoke Asian-fused design that guarantees an intimate and engaging experience, Emerald Harmony is your gateway to the exotic wonders of the East. We’ve designed every element of our latest Star-Ship to echo the luxurious amenities of a boutique hotel – from spacious suites and contemporary dining venues, to an excellent crew-to-guest ratio.

To introduce Emerald Harmony in greater detail, we’ve enlisted the help of Livia Stiefel, Journey Planner here at Emerald Cruises. Here, we take a closer look at our wonderful new Star-Ship, highlighting its luxurious features as well as its upcoming itineraries.

Step on-board Emerald Harmony

Contemporary, spacious and quite simply beautiful, Emerald Harmony has set a new benchmark in luxury river cruising on the Mekong. Our latest Star-Ship is designed to provide effortless cruising on this majestic Asian waterway, and provides a wealth of amenities to ensure your complete comfort and entertainment.

Here, we chat to Livia about what guests can expect when they step on-board Emerald Harmony for a Mekong river cruise.

What can guests expect from Emerald Harmony in terms of luxury amenities and facilities?

With just 42 cabins, accommodating 84 guests, Emerald Harmony promises a luxurious and intimate river cruising experience. On-board, guests will find beautifully finished suites and staterooms, along with an outdoor pool and a wellness area, featuring a hairdresser, gym and spa.

What makes the Emerald Harmony different from Emerald Cruises' European Star-Ships? Are there any special features added to the ship specifically for the Mekong itineraries?

For Emerald Harmony, we have introduced the Lotus Lounge. Located at the front of the Vista Deck, a relaxing space perfect for watching the world go by as you enjoy your favourite tipple. The interior finishes and decoration are also different on Emerald Harmony, and reflect the region through which she sails.

Many people visit South East Asia purely for the love of the local cuisine. Are there any special experiences on our Mekong river itineraries which showcase the local flavours at their finest? And what sort of cuisine can guests expect on-board the Emerald Harmony itself?

Food on-board Emerald Harmony is most definitely a highlight! Guests will find an array of popular local dishes and Asian inspired choices, along with delicious home-favourites. During time in Ho Chi Minh City, guests can choose to take part in an optional evening Street Food Tour, highlighting the food and flavours of the region.

Experience the wonders of the River Mekong on-board Emerald Harmony

Our latest Emerald Cruises Star-Ship is the first of our fleet designed for a non-European river. Seeking to broaden our horizons, as well as those of our guests, Emerald Harmony has been designed from the ground up to afford safe and luxurious passage on one of Asia’s great rivers, the Mekong, specifically its route through the heritage-laden lands of Cambodia and Vietnam.

From the temples and pagodas of Siem Reap, Cambodia to the enchanting hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Emerald Harmony provides an inspiring collection of itineraries on the Mekong. Find out what Livia has to say about the unforgettable highlights of the river below.

The Emerald Harmony is scheduled to cruise on the Mekong, one of the most evocative rivers in Asia. In your view, what makes the river so special?

The Mekong truly is a working river, so the sights of locals going about their daily business is all around to see. Fascinating sights are plentiful, with people not only transporting goods, but also buying and selling from their boats.

Across the three itineraries Emerald Cruises will offer on the Mekong, what, in your view, are the standout destinations that guests can look forward to the most?

There are so many to choose from, but experiencing Halong Bay on a traditional Junk Boat is sure to be a long-lasting memory. Also, the historic town of Hoi An is a highlight, with its vibrant buildings and its famous Japanese Covered Bridge.

Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City is doubtless one of the great highlights of a Mekong river cruise. What cultural experiences can guests look forward to in the city?

There are so many wonderful things to see and do, be sure to check out the architecture of the Opera House and the old Saigon Post Office. A huge bonus for guests on-board Emerald Harmony is that unlike most other ships of a similar size, Emerald Harmony is able to sail directly into Ho Chi Minh City, saving around a two-hour transfer time.

Away from major cities, the Mekong is revered for showcasing the very best of local life in Southeast Asia. What can guests expect when passing through the rural stretches of the Mekong Delta? And are there any standout sights to look out for as they cruise through the landscape?

From the Mekong Delta farmers tending the land and people busy fishing, to spectacular floating markets, there is so much to see whilst sailing the Mekong, it really is a hive of activity.


What can guests expect in terms of EmeraldPLUS events on the waters of the Mekong? And are there any standout excursions which you’d urge people not to miss?

Each of our three itineraries includes a selection of our EmeraldEXCURSIONS and EmeraldPLUS experiences – all at no additional cost. A few standout moments have to be the fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels tour, a visit to the home of locals’ whilst in Sa Dec, and not forgetting the Tuk-Tuk ride by night in Phnom Penh.

With its ancient temples and pagodas, Siem Reap is undoubtedly one of the major highlights of our Mekong river cruise itineraries. What can guests expect from their visit to this incredible place?

Siem Reap is simply fascinating, a treat for all the senses. Angkor Thom, the last capital of the Khmer Empire was a fortified city, spanning an area of 360 acres. The sacred temple of Ta Prohm is overgrown by jungle trees and has been used countless times as backdrop in Hollywood movies. Angkor Wat offers elaborate decoration and carvings, it is easy to see why it is a World Heritage-listed site.


Finally, what are your top three essential things to see and do on our Mekong river itineraries?

Be sure to attend the included visit to the Phare Cambodian Circus, an exclusive EmeraldPLUS event which promises a captivating evening of entertainment in Siem Reap. A visit to Phnom Penh also gives you the unforgettable opportunity to take part in a traditional Buddhist Monk Blessing, with the giving of alms offering a fascinating glimpse into the authentic customs of the region.

Of course, you should also take the time to make the most of the stunning features of our new Emerald Harmony Star-Ship, and relax in complete luxury as you explore the Mekong River.

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