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Where to sail with Emerald Cruises this Black Friday

If there’s one thing that makes small ship cruising even better, it’s knowing that you booked your place on board at the best price. The end of November has quickly become the height of seasonal offers, and our Black Friday cruise specials are not to be missed.

This year, Emerald Cruises is celebrating with our Black Friday Sale. Running until 28th November 2022, you can enjoy a free Premium Drinks Package and reduced airfare on selected Europe 2023 itineraries. Or if you’d like to adventure on board a luxury Caribbean or Central America yacht cruise, you can fly from $695 per person on 2023 sailings using the same code. Make sure to use the code BLFRIDAY22 when booking either your Europe river cruise or luxury yacht adventure.

Looking for inspiration on where to visit? We’ve listed a selection of our favourite itineraries below to help.

Europe river cruise Black Friday specials

1. Danube Explorer

Danube city scape
Image of the danube river

Our Danube Explorer itinerary is ideal if you’re looking to experience a side of Europe that’s rarely seen. As you sail along the mighty Danube, you’ll stop at stunning destinations throughout Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

It’s not just the sights you’ll be enamoured with, but also the way of life and local traditions of the people you’ll meet on your journey. Bavarian farmers revel in the opportunity to showcase their homemade produce, and the Hungarian folklore show you’ll witness on board is often a highlight of the trip for many of our guests.

There are almost endless attractions to see as you travel to each exciting city. Marvel at the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town of Český Krumlov, one of the most well-preserved locations in Europe, with more than 300 medieval buildings and a stunning castle complex. Experience the wonderful blend of the old and new as you tour the imperial grandeur of Vienna and be amazed as you amble through the fairy tale allure of Bratislava.

Our Danube Explorer itinerary is truly immersive. This is the one for you if you enjoy:

  • Exploring a mixture of historic and contemporary sites
  • Experiencing a side of Europe rarely seen by tourists
  • Spending time appreciating the knowledge and skills of local communities
  • Watching live entertainment (options to attend an evening concert in Vienna and the Bavaria Live show available at an additional cost with DiscoverMORE)

2. Jewels of the Rhine

Flowerbeds and windmills by the rhine river
rhine river over looking a forest

Also included in our Black Friday cruise special is our much-loved Jewels of the Rhine itinerary. Sailing along the Rhine River will take you through the heart of the Netherlands and Germany, with the scenic wonders of France to enjoy as well.

As one of Europe’s most visited countries, Germany is well-travelled by modern explorers, but the Jewels of the Rhine will show you a more rustic and charming side to the country. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to observe the fairy tale surrounds of the preserved old towns, and to see the majestic sights of medieval castles. With time to spend discovering the allure of Amsterdam as well, plus a visit to the Franco-German city of Strasbourg, you’ll see an array of gems when you sail along the Rhine.

For fans of natural beauty, you’ll also have the chance to witness outstanding marvels such as the Black Forest, the flower fields of Amsterdam, and the mountain ranges of Koblenz.

Make sure to check out all the details of our Jewels of the Rhine itinerary if you:

  • Have a love of German culture
  • Appreciate the charming architecture of past centuries
  •  Adore natural beauty and landscapes
  • Have a keen interest in local history

3. Legendary Rhine & Moselle

Traditional buildings by the Moselle river
Splendours of Europe

Discover the very best of two rivers in one fantastic adventure. As the Moselle River is a tributary of the Rhine, you’ll explore an array of quintessential German cities, towns, and villages in the far west of the country, opening up another side of Germany’s culture to you.

There are many beautiful cities along the Moselle River, such as Trier (Germany’s oldest city) and Koblenz, which was once one of the most highly fought for locations in the country due to its strategic location.

Castles and vineyards are a common sight when you travel the Rhine and Moselle Rivers, which history buffs and wine connoisseurs love in equal measure. You’ll find plenty of both to keep you occupied, with Eberbach Abbey also being a key spot to enjoy medieval architecture and the most exquisite Riesling wines all in one place.

The Legendary Rhine & Moselle itinerary is ideal if you:

  • Enjoy exploring castles
  • Love learning about German culture
  • Want to witness outstanding medieval architecture
  • Have a taste for the finest German wines

4. Splendours of Europe

Splendours of Europe
Splendours of Europe

A 15-day adventure that truly takes you through the Splendours of Europe, this itinerary is for those who want to experience a wide range of the continent’s customs and cultures. Starting on the Danube River, you’ll sail through the Wachau Valley and onto Rhine Gorge, witnessing the beauty of the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary.

You’ll enjoy plenty of awe-inspiring destinations from Amsterdam to Budapest. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed canal system integral to the Dutch Golden Age, observe the ancient Roman monuments of Cologne, marvel at the imperial beauty of Vienna, and revel in all the wonders that the Hungarian capital has to offer—including the revitalising Budapest thermal baths.

Traversing the Splendours of Europe is perfect for those who:

  • Want to explore the wider continent
  • Are enamoured with unique cultures and traditions
  • Have an interest in learning more about the changes through the centuries
  • Want a mixture of relaxation and city exploration

Caribbean & Central America yacht cruising Black Friday specials 

1. Hidden Charms of the Caribbean 

Caribbean coastal image
caribbean coastal image

The sunny shores of the Caribbean are much-loved by those who want to unwind in a tropical paradise. Whether it’s the beaches of Antigua or the underwater delights of the British Virgin Islands, you’ll find a plethora of sights to see and spots to relax in as you sail across the Caribbean.

Four days exploring beauty of Puerto Rico to begin your trip will immerse you in many Caribbean cultures and traditions. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, from the bustling capital of San Juan to the peace and tranquillity of Culebra Island. 

Each location is also steeped in history. Many islands and countries in the Caribbean have formed part of Britain, Spain, France, the US, and the Dutch Empire, which has greatly influenced the region’s cultures. The Caribbean’s ties to India and parts of Africa have also shaped the cultural landscape, particularly when it comes to their incomparable cuisine.

Discovering the Hidden Charms of the Caribbean is perfect for those who:

  • Love a hot and sunny adventure
  • Want to learn more about how different cultures shaped the character of the region
  • Are keen to lie back on one of the hundreds of beaches found in the Caribbean
  • Have a taste for fine, authentic rum

2. Coastal Adventures: Costa Rica & Panama

New York city
Caribbean and Central America Beach

The sandy beaches of Costa Rica and Panama are sure to delight nature lovers. On our Coastal Adventures: Costa Rica & Panama itinerary, you’ll fall in love with the azure waters from the shores of each stunning beach you visit. There are also ample opportunities to explore the rich biodiversity of Curú National Wildlife Refuge, where cattle graze and juicy mangos grow in abundance.

Dive underwater and marvel at the marine life swimming beneath the waves and see how many awe-inspiring exotic tropical birds you can spot on the Isla San José.

Coastal Adventures: Costa Rica & Panama will be paradise if you:

  • Have a passion for wildlife
  • Enjoy sunny spells and the warm ocean breeze
  • Have a soft spot for deep blue waters
  • Want to sample a range of delicious foods made from local ingredients

Make the most of our Black Friday Sale

Make this Black Friday one to remember by planning a relaxing escape along the riverbanks of Europe or the world’s open seas. A wide selection of our Europe river cruises are included in our Black Friday cruise specials, so you’re bound to find the perfect break to enjoy your free Premium Drinks Package or reduced airfare. Or if you’d prefer to explore the tropical paradise of the Caribbean, you can fly from $695 per person.

Remember to book before the 28th November to secure your place at the best price by quoting the code BLFRIDAY22.

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