Cities to add to your Danube must-see list

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Danube has been the setting for many distinct historical events and the site of a number of significant buildings, making it one of the most visited and celebrated waterways of its kind.

It is because of this vast history that the River Danube has since become popular for inclusive river cruises in Europe. During such trips along this prominent waterway there are a few landmarks and sites to look out for along the way, here is a list of the best to add to your River Danube itinerary.


When visiting Prague it is hard to know where to start, as there is so much to see and do, but at the top of the list must be Prague Castle. This 1,000 year old relic is steeped in history and, as such, was rightfully deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The castle has also made its way into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ancient castle in the world at nearly 70,000 square meters, making it an impressive sight from the River Danube.

In addition to Prague’s historic castle, the Old Town Square is home to many points of interest that are worth noting. Mozart’s Theatre and the astronomical clock are among the highlights of the numerous examples of differing architectural styles that make up the square, from gothic to baroque churches.


Set in the heart of Bavaria, Regensburg has plenty to offer its visitors. One of the most iconic experiences to embrace during a stay in Bavaria is watching a traditional Oompah band; with traditional dress and music, the Oompah band epitomises Bavarian culture.[AC1] 
The Regensburg Cathedral (otherwise known as the ‘Dom’), is worth a visit. With its German Gothic design, its atmospheric presence makes for a stunning view. Built in 1634, it has a long history and a façade to match.


The elegant Austrian capital of Vienna is epitomised by the Vienna State Opera. This stunning opera house dates back to the mid-19th century and has staged a vast range of performances since this time. From opera to ballet, this venue oozes sophistication and is a must-see during a stay in the city, even if it is just to take in the architecture. Tickets can be bought via their website.


The Royal Palace of Buda is always at the top of any Budapest visitor’s itinerary. Home to the Hungarian National Gallery, the Budapest History Museum and the National Library, there is no better place to learn about the city’s extensive and beautiful history.

Once you’ve learnt about the history of the destination, why not take to the Budapest baths? Known as the capital of baths, the city is immensely popular for its thermal springs and no visitor can resist trying the luxurious waters on a visit. Because Budapest is built upon many natural water sources, the city’s bathing culture grew from the Turks bringing baths there, with the Szechenyi Bath and Rudas Bath being among the most popular such sites still in use today.

So, whether visiting European cities near the River Danube or travelling along it, you will find that there are many wonderful sights and experiences to encounter along the way.

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 [AC1]Bit over the top?