Can you guess the iconic novels from these minimalist book covers?

Travel and reading may go hand-in-hand, but just how well do you know the world's greatest page-turners? Prove your literary credentials in our book covers quiz

When it comes to escape, there’s nothing like burying your nose in a book. And at a time when we’re all longing to get away from it all, books can offer a welcome alternative to the enduring, overriding joy of travel.

You will venture out and see the world again, but until then, why not open a book and get lost in a different kind of adventure? Whether sailing the seas or discovering lands unknown, novels give us the chance to get away from it all – remedying our sense of wanderlust.

At Emerald Cruises, we know that our guests love to read. But just how well do you know the world’s best-loved books? And could you identify them from an image alone?

To find out, all you have to do is pick the correct book, and your standing as a passionate bookworm will be forever assured.

Think you have what it takes? Try your luck at our book covers quiz below…

How Did You Score?

So, how did you do? Have you adequately proven yourself a dedicated bibliophile? Or are you left feeling a little embarrassed by your score? We’ve collated some of the results from our quiz below, so you can see how well you fared compared to your fellow bookworms.

Over 2,500 people have played our quiz, with just 10% achieving full marks. So, if you’re one of them, you should be really proud of your score.

Results were split across different age groups, with Baby Boomers (55+) and Generation Z (18-25) leading the way, averaging 9/12. Generation X (40-54) didn’t do too badly either, with an average score of 8/12, while Millennials (25-39) ranked on the bottom shelf, with an average of 7/12.

There were some speedy quizzers out there, too, with the fastest time being 1 minute 4 seconds. Overall, it took most people around 2 minutes to complete, so if you can spare a couple, be sure to give our quiz a try.

Book Covers Revealed:  The Inspiration Behind Our Minimalist Designs

Sure, you should never judge a book by its cover, but over the years, countless incredible sleeve designs have hit the shelves – becoming almost as iconic as the novels themselves. Our minimalist covers quiz sought to celebrate this, with stripped-back designs drawing inspiration from some of history’s classic, definitive book covers.

Below, we’ve put together our minimalist redesigns alongside the original covers themselves, so you can see where our inspiration came from. Simply click the covers below to see the originals, and be sure to add them to your reading list.

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