Bridges and canal houses line the canal in Amsterdam at twilight, Holland.

Amsterdam Light Festival attracts record number of visitors

More than 730,000 people attended the light show, which took place from the end of November 2014 until 18th January 2015. The 53-day festival experienced a 30 per cent increase in visitors when comparing with figures from the previous year, which is particularly impressive seeing as the festival was only the third edition to be held so far.

The wonderfully festive experience began on 27th November and attracted many visitors, including those on European river cruises stopping in Amsterdam. The success of this year’s festival is sure to provide a much welcomed boost and will encourage excitement for 2015-16 even more.

Getting bigger each year

Taking place each year in winter, the festival offers those attending a different view of the city, which is illuminated with a number of art installations. This year’s event featured more than 40 unique artworks and sculptures from a variety of both national and international artists, with a large proportion of these previously unseen by the public. These included interactive installations in Amsterdam’s open spaces and projections on to some of the city’s most iconic buildings.

The theme for this year’s festival was ‘A Bright City’ and one of the highlights has been considered to be the Water Colours boat tours, which offered cruises along the canals, allowing visitors to witness the lights from the water.

In order to conclude the Amsterdam Light Festival, a selection of light art masterpieces were brought to the city’s centre for architecture, by renowned building artists and designers such as Olafur Eliasson, Daniel Libeskind and Hani Rashid. This exhibition will be continued until 28th February, so those that missed out on the festival can still get a taste of this exceptional event.

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