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Activity Manager QA: Jamie Sommers

Activity Manager: Jamie Sommers

What is your background and how did you become one of your new Activity Mangers?

My career in this industry started back in 2011 when I became a Butlins Redcoat. Here I spent three years providing entertainment to young families and children, hosting shows, dJing, performing magic and much much more. After three years of sharpening my skills, I moved to Ocean ships where I spent 5 years as an Entertainment officer for P&O cruises. I was fortunate enough to travel the world and visit some of the most exotic locations. After hanging up my Ocean going life jacket, I decided I wanted to explore more of Europe and so I turned my attention to the wonderful world of River Cruising. 

What do I enjoy most about the job?

Travelling is a big passion of mine so exploring the new cities and beautiful little towns along the river is absolutely amazing. But I also love meeting people from all over the world, and our great mixture of guests helps with that. Having people from different nationalities on board is always fun, its always a very friendly group. 

What does your typical day involve?

Day to day my routine changes, some mornings you could find me in the pool area taking a yoga class, others I may be out on one of our EmeraldACTIVE bike rides, riding through any one of many incredible European cities or villages. If the weather is nice (most of the time it is) we can always have a round of golf on the Sun Deck, golf putting that is, always fun, and sometimes, very competitive!  However my office has to be The Horizon Lounge, which is where you will find me spending the most time, we offer everything from afternoon trivia’s to big gameshows in the evening. Other nights it could be you on the stage taking on some Neil Diamond or Shirley Bassey as we host fun filled Karaoke nights, and also discos to keep you dancing late into the night.

What can guests expect from the new EmeraldActive program?

EmeraldACTIVE is such a great way to explore some of these wonderful ports. Taking a bike out to the Dutch countryside whilst docked in Amsterdam for example, riding through beautiful little villages that no tour bus has every visited. Or riding alongside the Danube River past some stunning vineyards and steep valleys on a 30KM ride with local guides. The same can be said for or walks and hikes, trekking through The Black Forrest is the only way to see this beautiful area of Germany and get as close as possible to nature. Our EmeraldACTIVE program is forever expanding as we explore new destinations each year. 

What is your favourite destination and why?

A difficult question, each river has so many gems dotted along them. If I’m sailing The Rhine, I would have to say Amsterdam, such a diverse city with a different language being spoken with every step you take. It has so many beautiful buildings and so much to experience, by far the best city to get lost in. As I’m currently sailing The Danube, I can’t forget Vienna, a city I’ve recently fallen in love with. With music being a major part of this cities history, it’s hard not to love this place; it’s friendly locals, beautiful food and wonderful shopping areas.
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