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Activity Manager QA: Harry Jordan

Emerald Star Activity Manager: Harry Jordan

What is your background and how did you become one of your new Activity Mangers?

I studied Musical Theatre at Stella Mann College in Bedford UK, and graduated in 2012. I started my career working as a Dancer and Singer in Hotels and Holiday Parks in Cyprus, Egypt and in the UK. In 2016 I got my first job on a ship, working as a performer for the Cruise and Maritime Voyages fleet. There I quickly found my love for entertainment when I was promoted to Assistant Cruise Director. I applied for the job with Emerald Cruises last year and was invited to meet with our Corporate Cruise Director Ray Bauer. After hearing his ideas to create an Activity Manager position, I was very excited, and when he offered me the job, there was no way I could refuse.  

What do I enjoy most about the job?

I have always been a very active person. I enjoy playing sports, hiking and cycling. I also take part in Yoga and Pilates classes at my local gym when I am at home. Now I can do all of that whilst enjoying the breath-taking sights of the Danube. However, my greatest passion is entertainment, and now I am delighted to share my passion with all of our guests onboard the Emerald Cruises Star Ships.

What does your typical day involve?

I would normally start the day with an active wellness class, such as morning stretch or yoga, to get the body warm and limber for the day to come. Most days this will be followed by an EmeraldACTIVE hike around one of our many beautiful destinations. If we happen to be sailing in either the morning or the afternoon, I will hold games on the Sun Deck, such as golf putting and soft pétanque, possibly a dance class in the lounge after the afternoon tea.

After dinner I will always host a fun packed evening of entertainment. Whether it be an entertaining interactive gameshow, live entertainment either performed by me or one of the incredibly talented local performers, or simply a brain teasing trivia. Whatever our guests like to do, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.  

What can guests expect from the new EmeraldActive program?

With our EmeraldACTIVE program guests can expect a river cruise unlike any cruise they have been on before. With our new wellness program, active hikes, games and tournaments on the Sun Deck and evening entertainment in the Horizon Lounge, we can guarantee that our guests will be entertained from the beginning to the end of their cruise.  

What is your favourite destination and why? 

That is a very difficult question, there are so many wonderful destinations on our cruises. If I had to choose one, I would have to pick Dürnstein in Austria, it is a quaint little town, and if you can manage the hike up to Durnstein Castle, then you will see one of the most breath-taking views on the Danube.

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