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Activity Manager QA: Drazen Drazic

Activity Manager: Drazen Drazic

What is your background and how did you become one of your new Activity Mangers?

I come from a small place on an island in Croatia, Cres. It is a tourist destination, a bit of a hidden gem in Adriatic Sea. Considering where I have come from I have been exposed to hospitality from very early age.

After I graduated from a college in Opatija in hospitality & hotel management, I worked as a tourist animator and tourist agency manager, speaking English, German, Italian & Croatian. Being athletic, a people person & a lover of the outdoors, combined with the entertainment skills I acquired through my years of employment, when the opportunity for being an activity manager was given, I took it both hands, and now enjoy achieving the ultimate guest’s satisfaction.

When the opportunity for being an AM was given to me I took it both hands & ever since I’m doing my best to justify the trust & the time invested in me by my colleagues & corporates to achieve the ultimate guest’s satisfaction expected by the position that has been created for them.     
What do I enjoy most about the job?

The most fulfilling part of the job is to interact with my guests & taking them to the places that otherwise they wouldn’t go. The most rewarding part is the enthusiasm that I manage to wake in our guests for a certain activity, like yoga for example. I love to hear the feedback I receive once the guests have arrived back home informing me that they have continued with the exercises in a local studio or a gym.  

What does your typical day involve?

The perfect day starts with yoga in the morning, followed by an orientation walk of one of the fantastic destinations we visit, like Chalon sur Saone for example all before lunch. After lunch, a tournament in soft pétanque, being in France its perfect activity, after that, a tea time trivia & in the evening an interactive game show with the guests.

What can guests expect from the new EmeraldActive program?

The guest will have so many activities to choose from whether they go onshore on a guided tour of cycle ride or if they choose to stay on board they certainly will not be bored. They may choose to sun bathe on the Sun Deck & enjoy a relaxing afternoon, if not there is a variety of activities to make their day a memorable one. Whether the guests enjoy hikes, bike rides, sport activities or trivia, there is a “cup of tea” for everybody. 

What is your favourite destination and why?

Being from a small town myself I’m partial to some of the smaller places on our river stretch. That is why Viviers is my favourite; it has a perfect balance of history & outdoors, just 10 minutes away from our docking position you can already hike up the hill, through calming nature, for a beautiful view over a Viviers itself & the surrounding valley. 
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