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8 of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin

What do you look forward to most when travelling? Time and time again, Europe's enchanting historical landmarks and beautiful natural landscapes, along with its myriad of thriving cultures and local traditions call us back to the region. Yet, while the sights and sounds of a getaway are paramount, a journey just isn't the same without some time spent uncovering the local cuisines of Europe.

One of our favourite European cities to spend time in, and definitely one of our favourites to eat in, is Berlin. While lively beer halls serving bratwurst, schnitzel and sauerkraut are a source of national pride throughout Germany, the country's capital is actually home to a number of renowned plant-based restaurants. In fact, Berlin has often been hailed as the number-one vegan-friendly city in the world. A true international city, the vegetarian and vegan options in Berlin connect you to an inspiring mix of fusion, ingenuity and even traditional German fare. 

Planning on travelling to Berlin soon? Whether you're a vegan yourself, or someone who can't say no to a well-cooked sausage, these vegan restaurants offer you a truly spectacular and full-flavoured culinary experience. 

Our list of the 8 best vegan restaurants in Berlin 

Mediterranean and vegan fine dining

1. Ataya Caffe

berlin vegan restaraunt ataya caffe

Located in the culturally-rich Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, the Ataya Caffe sits among a wealth of historical buildings – it is one of the few parts of Berlin that was mostly spared during WWII. Throughout the Cold War, the area was a place of riveting counterculture in East Germany and became a significant site for the peaceful revolution that brought down the Berlin Wall. 

All of this incredible history and culture is the backdrop for one of the best veggie dining experiences in the city. Drawing on Mediterranean and West African influences, Ataya offers an eclectic menu. Often changing their menu on a daily basis, you can enjoy a vegan risotto one night and experience something entirely different the next. As compellingly diverse as the neighbourhood it resides in, this self-described Afro-Italian restaurant makes our list of places you need to dine at in Berlin.

2. La Stella Nera

vegan berlin restaraunt la stella nera
Speaking of Italy, we can't go any further with our list without mentioning one of the best pizza places in Berlin. Crafted with classical Neapolitan knowledge in a wood-fire oven, the pies served at La Stella Nera are so delicious you won't even realise they are vegan. This pizzeria also serves a variety of homemade pastas, fresh salads and traditional Italian desserts.

If the sun is shining and you're not feeling the warm atmosphere inside La Stella Nera, we recommend grabbing your favourite dish and heading over to the nearby Tempelhofer Feld, a former airport turned public park, to relax on the grass as you dine.

3. Kopps

berlin restaraunt kopps
Close to the city centre, you'll find this chic vegan restaurant which also boasts an impressive cocktail programme. A true example of vegan fine dining, Kopps creates modern dishes using fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients. Renowned for its elegant à la carte menu, you can also enjoy a three- to six-course meal chosen from a rotating seasonal seven-course menu. Expect attentive service along with hand-selected wine and cocktail pairings for whichever route your senses decide to take.

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Vegan Asian Fusion

4. Secret Garden

secret garden berlin vegan restaurant
Are you a lover of unique dishes fusing varied traditions, flavours, and techniques? If so, you have to make a trip to Berlin's Secret Garden, one of the few places you can indulge in exquisitely prepared vegan sushi. Combining the old-world style of Kyoto with modern plant-based ingredients, you can look forward to a full sensory experience when dining here. The presentation, atmosphere and service compliment what will be a healthy journey into the reaches of Japan's most famous cuisine.

5. Feel Seoul Good

feel seoul good vegan restaraunt in berlin
As you probably guessed by its name, Feel Seoul Good specialises in offering guests inspired vegan Korean dishes. Also located in the exciting surrounds of the Prenzlauer Berg, look forward to traditional cuisines with a plant-based mentality in a comfortable and classic setting. 


It may feel like you've stepped into Seoul's Bukchon Hanok Village with its low wooden benches, chic Asian designs, and ample natural light. From homemade kimchi to vegan bibimbap, your taste buds will go on an extra adventure as you're transported from Berlin to Korea over the course of a meal.

6. Good Morning Vietnam

good morning vietnam vegan restaraunt in berlin
Continuing the trend of Asian-inspired vegan food is this spectacularly located Vietnamese restaurant. Found within Berlin's renowned Bergmannkiez District, well-preserved architecture and cobble-stone streets are flanked by the stunning Victoria Park. Enjoy a short nature walk before checking out the neighbourhood's compelling mix of restaurants, cafés and smaller locally run shops. 

And it is here that you'll find Good Morning Vietnam. Spacious and bright, you'll get a great view of Bergmannkiez as you dine on traditional Vietnamese dishes, such as phở, spring rolls and vermicelli bowls. You can also look forward to an enhanced wine menu if you're in the mood for a pairing. Are you dreaming of visiting Southeast Asia, but are planning on being in Europe first? Make a stop here during your stay in Berlin for some insight and inspiration into the adventure that awaits you in Vietnam and Cambodia!

Vegan comfort food

7. Lily Burger

lily burger vegan restaraunt in berlin
While not technically a vegan restaurant, this Berliner burger joint features a variety of tasty vegan options for you to try. Along with classic beef burgers, every single one of Lily Burger's meat dishes can be made vegan. Perfect for dining in with a cocktail or taking on the go, this is the comfort food we all need during a day spent exploring onshore.

8. Brammibal's Donuts

brammibals donuts vegan restaraunt in berlin
And who can forget about dessert? With six locations across Berlin, it would be hard to spend a few days in the German capital and not come across this beloved donut shop. Serving a variety of treats, from classics like a cruller to unique flavours such as peanut butter and jelly, Brammibal's is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, every donut is handmade and 100% vegan. Perfectly paired alongside a specialty coffee, it won't take you long to realise why this quaint donut shop and vegan café has become a local favourite.

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