€10 million investment planned for Bucharest bike lanes

The project was approved last week by the Bucharest City Council and will see 97km of cycling lanes added to the city centre in the near future. As one of Europe’s most polluted capitals, this is welcome news for the city and will hopefully help to reduce the 1.2 million cars estimated to be clogging the streets of Bucharest.

The aim of the project is to also improve the city’s air quality, as well as reduce the congestion of traffic on the roads, which will in turn help encourage more tourists to the area, including those on river cruise holidays.

The EUR 10 million funds for this large project are said to be coming from auctioning off green certificates, provided by the Romanian Ministry of Environment. It is thought that the new bicycle lanes will form a network on the streets and boulevards of the North-South and East-West axes of the city and its main traffic ring, and will be made up of a total of 61 arteries spanning almost 100km.

Reducing danger and congestion for cyclists

The addition of cycle paths in Romania’s capital should encourage both residents and visitors of Bucharest to use this means of transport, by offering a safer and easier way of getting around the busy city. The cycle lanes should also help to improve the health of those living in Bucharest by reducing pollution levels.

In September 2013, several thousand Bucharest residents took to the streets in order to protest for the introduction of cycle paths, as many cyclists found it dangerous when using their bikes in the city centre.

Bucharest is just one of the many cities that you can visit during river cruises in Europe and offers a bustling and trendy city centre with plenty of attractions, for river cruise guests and avid cyclists alike.

Image Credit: Peter aka anemoneprogectetor (Flickr.com)