Cherish the Planet

Our commitment to providing a cleaner, greener, safer cruising experience

Our commitment to a sustainable future 

Emerald Cruises’ Cherish the Planet ethos is our commitment to creating positive changes through sustainable practices and rich community partnerships. Built in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our sustainability agenda reinforces a commitment to environmentally responsible tourism and protecting the locations we operate in.
We aim to leave as small a footprint as possible while proudly forming positive and enriching associations with the communities we visit.

Cherish the Planet

Emerald Cruises' sustainability ethos has six key focus areas. 
1. Leave No Waste   

As we constantly look at new ways to reduce our waste print, we are proud to announce that in 2023 we will have eliminated all guest single-use plastic on board all Emerald Cruises vessels around the world, both river & ocean. This will be achieved by removing plastic drink bottles and straws, offering complimentary refillable bottles to guests and filtered water stations across our ships and introducing refillable toiletries in our suites featuring premium spa brands.
2. Rebalancing CO2 Emissions    

We are committed to designing and operating our ships efficiently and sustainably to reduce the impact of fuel consumption on the environment. We have partnered with an accredited independent third party organisation to calculate the average carbon footprint of our guests on each of the journeys we operate globally. This data will be used to set tangible targets for reducing our carbon footprint.
3. Sourcing Sustainably   

As we cruise through Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, fresh produce is sourced from the local markets and the on board herb garden (available on selected ships). Our goal is to source sustainably every step of the way, to support the communities we visit, and to avoid the extensive carbon footprint of food storage and transportation. Everyone at Emerald Cruises is committed to the Cherish the Planet ethos guidelines to procure, contract, and source all levels of suppliers and partners sustainably.
4. Growing with Communities    

We are committed to meaningful and respectful cultural interactions with the communities we visit. In consultation with local leaders and third-party organisations, we have developed and implemented sustainably aligned guidelines to include at least one Cherish the Planet experience in each itinerary we offer. Our goal is to ensure local businesses benefit from our guests visiting their region, as we work together towards a sustainable future.
5. Grow from Within - Value Diversity  

The people at Emerald Cruises are at the very core of what makes our journeys truly memorable. We value diversity and currently employ over 50 nationalities from across the globe. We believe it is a strength to have different perspectives and that it helps us find the best solutions and services for our guests. We treat all crew and employees equally, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, age, race, or religion.
6. Advocate Health, Safety & Security  

We have created an engaging workplace that supports the wellbeing of our staff, prioritising health and safety. To ensure every staff member is fully immersed in our Cherish the Planet ethos, we provide extensive and continuous training to support their wellbeing and to promote health and safety as a priority.

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Changes on board

Being plastic free 

We are transforming the way we use materials on board and onshore. We are  eliminating the use of all single-use plastic and replacing them with sustainable alternatives. From complimentary refillable Emerald Cruises bottles and filtered water stations, to refillable toiletries in suites and no plastic straws. Each suite will come with an excursion bottle per guest, which will be filled and ready to go for the first shore excursion. Even our crew will be given their own personalised drinks bottle which can be refilled at the station in the crew mess. We no longer use pre-packaged food at breakfast and have instead introduced fresh food stations, our ‘to-go’ cups are made from recycled cardboard and we no longer use plastic bags in the gift shop. We even have agreements in place with our suppliers and partner hotels to provide water refill stations on vehicles and at their properties. 

Eco-friendly solutions

In a steadfast commitment to reducing kitchen waste, our main courses will be served from the galley and a food shredder has been installed to compact any left-over food waste. We’re using the latest energy efficient technology in our kitchens and have switched to LED light fittings throughout our Star-Ships. We’ve swapped our washing detergents for eco-friendly variations to restrict our use of harmful chemicals, pollutants and toxins, and are switching to a more digitally focussed experience in suites, using our television screens instead of paper where possible. 

Our work in the community 

We work closely with and fund local projects that help to maintain the natural beauty and improve living conditions in the regions we visit. 
  • Attend the Cambodian Circus Phare in Siem Reap
    An innovative social enterprise founded to assist men returning home from refugee camps after the fall of the Khmer Rouge, the circus supports the free education, professional arts training and social support programs of regional Cambodia.
  • Clean Water Project for Chiro Community in Kampong Cham
    In 2016, the first phase of our water project was launched with the aim to provide running water to the local community of Chiro village, a rural area of Kampong Cham. Before this initiative, they had no access to clean running water.
  • Construction of new sanitation blocks in Yandabo Village in Myanmar
    We are working with our partners to fund clean water projects in rural Cambodia, providing remote villages with access to clean water and educating them on how to avoid single-use plastics in their everyday life.
  • Visit to KOTO “Know One, Teach One” Restaurant in Hanoi
    Having trained over 700 students in hospitality, KOTO’s purpose is to end the cycle of poverty by empowering and helping the youth forge a better future for themselves.
  • Visit to Reaching Out in Hoi An
    Reaching Out is a locally owned, sustainable and fair-trade business specialising in unique handmade goods such as jewellery, home décor and pottery. It provides people with disabilities the opportunity to learn skills and gain meaningful employment so they can lead independent and fulfilling lives.

  • We use fair-trade tea & coffee on all ships where possible
  • We’ve introduced a Buy Local Products policy on all ships where appropriate.